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22 May 2022 15:20


There is no holiday in the summer, there is a lot of work, but Sinem Ünsal feels very lucky!

Famous actress Sinem Ünsal has been experiencing the excitement of her new series lately. The new series called Gizli Aşk (Secret Love), which is expected to start shooting within the week, will be broadcast on Fox TV. Sinem Ünsal’s partner in the series, which will appear in front of the audience in the summer months, was Halit Özgür Sarı, one of the prominent young names of the last period.

Sinem Ünsal is among those negatively affected by the weather change in Istanbul in recent weeks. Shortly before the shooting of the TV series started, the actress said that her voice was hoarse while she was preparing for her new project. Sinem Ünsal said, “We never got hot, it gets hot for 2 days, then it gets cold like this. I like cold weather, but I guess I’m cold now. My voice is gone, too, from imbalance,” she said.

Sinem Ünsal continues the preparations of her new series resolutely in this indecisiveness of the weather. Explaining that they will start the shooting of the series called Gizli Aşk this week, the actress said, “I’m running it. We’ll see you on the screen in the summer. We will meet on Fox TV. We also have a game,” she said.

Stating that she will continue the theater play called Aydınlıkevler in the intense pace of the Gizli Aşk series, the actress said that she could not take a vacation for the summer period, but that she was satisfied with it.

Explaining that she took a vacation in the winter, the actress stated that she did not like to take a vacation in the summer and that she would work this summer.

Sinem Ünsal talked about the importance of the play Aydınlıkevler for her. Pointing to the importance of Yılmaz Erdoğan writing a story for the theater after years and Demet Akbağ returning to the stage after 15 years, the actress said:

“I feel very lucky. When I want to do theatre, being part of such a project makes me feel very happy.”

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