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25 May 2022 17:09


There is someone who will be happy for the separation of Akça, played by Fahriye Evcen in the Alparslan series!

The Alparslan Great Seljuk series continues to meet with the audience on TRT1 screen on Monday evenings. The news from the series revealed the possibility of the departure of Fahriye Evcen, who played the character of Akça Hatun in the first season finale.

Ending her 4-year hiatus with the Alparslan project, Fahriye Evcen impresses with her successful performance. The actress, who also received great attention from her fans, was less able to deal with her son Karan, who celebrated his 3rd birthday the other day, due to the series process. In the next season’s episodes of the Alparslan series, where there is a busy shooting schedule and the scenes are challenging, it is possible that the character of Akça Hatun will not exist.

The Alparslan series, which has 21 episodes so far, is planned to continue for 6 more episodes and then take a summer break. While going step by step towards the 27th episode of the series, the possibility of Fahriye Evcen not returning to the series again seems to be evident at the end of the season, as her contract will expire. Producer Emre Konuk made an offer to the actress, who made a one-season deal, to be in the cast for another season. However, it is unclear whether Fahriye Evcen can be persuaded to continue.

Rabia Soytürk also impresses with her successful performance in the Alparslan series, in which the struggle between Karaca and Akça Hatun stands out. Standing out with the character of Karaca, the actress takes part in the story as Süleyman’s wife and Tuğrul Bozan’s sister. The absence of the Akça character in the story will probably make Karaca happy the most.

Karaca, who has to choose between the love she sees as lofty and her family, draws attention with her inability to restrain herself and often succumbing to her anger. Rabia Soytürk admitted that she sometimes had difficulties in portraying the character of Karaca, who was asked to bring goodness to the fore instead of evil, and stated that her character had very intense emotions.

While the fight between Akça and Karaca flared up from time to time, Rabia Soytürk’s words were remarkable… Answering the questions from the audience with Korel Cezayirli, the actress said, “If you were Karaca in real life, would you treat Akça this badly?” answered the question.

Rabia Soytürk, who stated that she found Karaca to be right in her stance, said: “I couldn’t act no. I agree with Karaca. But if I were Karaca in reality, she is right about claiming my right, not doing harm to the one who did me wrong. But I couldn’t do that much. I couldn’t do any planned evil. I wouldn’t treat Akça so badly. After a while, she could be my close friend.”

Rabia Soytürk also explained that the character of Karaca, which she portrays, is similar to her stubbornness. The actress said, “I have stubbornness, her nose is right up.” Explaining that her favorite feature of Karaca’s character is her investigative spirit, Rabia Soytürk said that she was interested in this trait of Karaca.

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