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4 July 2022 05:52


They went crazy about Love Is In The Air

There is a great interest abroad for the TV series Love Is In The Air, which is screened on Saturday evenings. There are many TV series fans from different countries who follow all the developments about the series on social media and even watch Fox TV on the internet by learning Turkish.

Since the day Love Is In The Air series started, it has been the king of social media. The series gets such strong interactions that every hundreds of thousands of messages are posted on social networking platforms. Every move, word or sharing made by Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel is a big event abroad.

Having achieved such a strong interaction, Love Is In The Air, attracted great attention of foreign channels. It turned out that there was a great interest in foreign sales of the series.

As a result of this interest in a short time, there are claims that sales were made to 40 countries. The reporters asked this situation to Kerem Bürsin, who gave life to the character of Serkan Bolat.

“Hearing this both motivates and makes you happy. It makes us happy as a team. After all, it’s good to see the reward for labor. “We also achieved a good energy with Hande, but we have already achieved this success because the team captured a good energy in general,” he said.

Despite the high harmony and energy of the famous actor with Hande Erçel, the attitude that brought the team forward in his words was also remarkable. Indeed, it is understood from the images reflected in the social media that the series Love Is In The Air are very compatible with each other as a team, have a fun set environment and act like a family.

Kerem Bürsin made an effort to keep his teammates in the background, especially by explaining this detail.

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