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7 July 2022 00:42


You should watch Awakening Great Seljuk just for this scene!

The series Awakening Great Seljuk, starring Buğra Gülsoy and aired on TRT1, is on the agenda with its staff, story as well as costumes, war scenes and shooting under difficult conditions that require great effort. In the new episode of the series about the throne battles in the Great Seljuk Empire, there will be an important scene for our series history.

The battle scene in the new episode of the series Awakening Great Seljuk, which is a remarkable production as a period series, will be screened this week, will give the audience a visual feast with shooting techniques.

A meticulous work was carried out with a editing and shooting technique that is almost like the action and fight scenes in Hollywood movies.

Buğra Gülsoy, who played Sultan Melikşah in the series, had a tough process with the preparations for hours of makeup and dress. Preparations were made days in advance for the series, where the lead role was prepared in 4 hours.

The behind-the-scenes and front-camera work of the series, where the work continued for two days, was carried out with great care and with the devoted work of the technical team.

Hundreds of people sweated for hours and two days for a scene that would last for maybe 5 minutes, and a complete visual feast came out.

The battle scene in the 14th episode of the series, which will be aired tonight, featured 50 stunt doubles and 150 extras.

Sultan Melikşah, Kamaç (Egemen Yavuz) and Seljuk soldiers come face to face with their arch-enemy Byzantines.

Emre Konuk, the producer, general director and scriptwriter of the series, followed the shooting of the long-lasting scene where the actors were given special war makeup and difficult moments were experienced in mud and dust.

You can see that scene in 14 episodes where one of the worst wars of the Great Seljuk state will be staged in the third trailer.

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