This tactic should be applied for Can Yaman!
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26 November 2022 19:23


This tactic should be applied for Can Yaman!

In the TV series Forbidden Fruit, Eda Ece often appears in improvisation scenes with the character of Yıldız. The improvisation moments, which initially made this situation by themselves but were not used in many scenes, became a difference when they were used a little too much in the 3rd season.

In an interview, Eda Ece said that after the audience loved the improvised scenes, such episodes were no longer discarded and started to be used, adding a difference to the series. The support of the director Neslihan Yeşilyurt in improvisation of the famous actress had a positive effect on Forbidden Fruit at this point.

It can be said that Can Yaman has a very suitable position for a similar situation. It is known that the improvisation scenes of the famous actor who shared the lead role with Özge Gürel in the Mr.Wrong. The audience expresses the feeling that the actor improvises in some scenes in their posts on social media.

It is reflected on the screen that Can Yaman is also willing to differentiate by adding improvisation to the character, and it can be thought that this situation will make a difference for the TV series Mr.Wrong.

Including more of Can Yaman’s improvised scenes in the series, provided that you do not go too far, could be a good step. Because in the Friday competition, Mr.Wrong is in the middle and it will be a very good development for the series if he takes a different step and shows a little more rise.

It is not known whether increasing the improvised scenes of Can Yaman like Eda Ece will bring this result, but it is clear that it will add a difference.

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