Those who did not watch the Duy Beni series on the screen almost exploded on youtube!
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4 February 2023 11:55


Those who did not watch the Duy Beni series on the screen almost exploded on youtube!

Duy Beni (Hear Beni), the Star TV series, has become one of the most influential productions of Thursday evenings. The series, which took the second place in the category of all people last week, did not achieve very good ratings in terms of ratings, but when the number of viewers decreased, it went into a very good position in the ranking.

This debut, which he achieved with the second episode of Duy Beni, was actually expected. The fact that the first part of the series was very effective and it was talked about a lot on social media attracted many viewers to the screen.

Star TV is pleased with this development and conveyed its satisfaction about the appreciation of the story by announcing that Duy Beni was the most watched TV series last Thursday.

Those who do not watch the series “Duy Beni” on the television screen show great interest in the series on youtube. After the first episode of Duy Beni was broadcast on Thursday, July 7, it was also shared on the YouTube channel. 4.5 million views of the first episode of the series was recorded as an important success.

The second episode of the series Duy Beni, which was broadcast on Thursday, July 14, received more than 2 million views, and it should be said that the interest of the audience continues to increase.

As the Duy Beni series continues to rise in the youtube environment, this situation seems to reflect positively on television ratings.

However, many viewers prefer to follow the series on youtube when they do not go to the screen on Thursday evening.

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