Artists News Those who watch Emre Dinler, Ömer of the Yasak Elma series, in his new role cannot help but be surprised!

Those who watch Emre Dinler, Ömer of the Yasak Elma series, in his new role cannot help but be surprised!


Emre Dinler, one of the young talents, attracted attention with the character of Tahir in the soldier TV series Söz (Oath) in 2018. Five years after this project, the actress appeared before the audience again on TRT1 screens with Al Sancak, a soldier’s series.

Emre Dinler is in the cast of the Al Sancak series, which has plenty of action and arouses admiration with its shooting quality, with the character of Infantry Captain Cengiz Uslu. Al Sancak, as a series depicting the heroism of Turkish soldiers and depicting Turkey’s struggle on the ground with its enemies, was a production that revealed national feelings.

The series, which received very good ratings with its first episode broadcast on Thursday last week, is expected to be a big production and one of the most successful productions of 2023.

In the series, where Uğur Güneş and Gülsim Ali İlhan are in the lead roles, young actors who take part in difficult scenes also draw great attention.

Emre Dinler, one of these young names, said that they exhibited a great example of struggle in order to reflect the heroic Turkish soldier in the best possible way. The actor said, “We have been working very hard for months. We are trying to explain their struggles in the best way possible,” he said, adding that his main goals were built on the heroism of Turkish soldiers.

Emre Dinler, who served in the military, went through an intense and challenging training that he had never seen before for the series. The actor spoke as follows for these trainings:

“Retired SAT Commando Bülent Kuru trained us hard. What we eat and drink together with the team for 3 months does not go away. We learn what friendship, friendship, acting together means. We have everything in common. We think this is reflected on the screen as well. We are aware of the difficulty of our job. We act accordingly.”

Emre Dinler is also in a very important process for his career. In his career journey, which he started with another soldier series called Söz; The actor who took part in remarkable productions such as Gülperi, Sol Yanım, and Yasak Elma, continues to work intensely with perhaps one of the hardest roles of his career.