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4 July 2022 09:36


Those who watch the Gül Masalı series will be drawn into the story even more each week!

There was a very entertaining atmosphere in the Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) series and the actors were very pleased with the shootings in Isparta. The series, in which Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca took the leading roles, appeared before the audience as an impressive love story.

The story will progress step by step towards the great love of Gonca and Toprak characters in the series broadcast on ATV screens on Sunday evenings. The strong harmony of the two leading actors stands out as one of the most important details for the success of the series.

Erdem Kaynarca spoke well of Gülper Özdemir, with whom he got along very well from the very first moment. The fusion of the two, who first met during the test shoot, was short-lived and it is considered luck that they took on this difficult role together.

Erdem Kaynarca said, “I have a lot of fun behind the camera and in front of the camera, working with Gülper.” Stating that she shared the same feelings, Gülper Özdemir thanked her partner.

The duo, who made statements to ATV’s youtube channel, also gave some details about the story of the series. Stating that there is no conflict between Toprak and Gonca, Erdem Kaynarca said:

“From the first moment Toprak and Gonca saw each other, they were two characters who were drawn to and drawn to each other. The main conflict is none of the people around want this relationship to happen, it doesn’t work for anyone. That’s why the conflict is not between Gonca and Toprak, there is a conflict in the others wanting this relationship not to exist. They are a duo who are constantly exposed to interference from others.”

Gülper Özdemir, who plays the character of Gonca, also stated that they will fight against those who do not want this love in the story.

While it is clear from every aspect that the two get along very well with each other, it is seen that the structure of the story has a quality that will draw the audience into the upcoming episodes.

The second new episode of the Gül Masalı series will meet with the audience on Sunday, June 26.

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