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21 May 2022 14:53


Tolga Sarıtaş is in the lead role! Conflict and love begin in the well-started Baba series!

A new introduction to the second episode of the new series ‘Baba’ signed by Ay Yapım, which was broadcast on Show TV last week and received great acclaim, was released. In the promotion where the Saruhanlı family settled in the mansion, the uneasiness on the faces does not go unnoticed. There will be important developments in the story of the Baba series, which made a good start with its ratings and influenced millions of viewers.

While İlhan’s angry words signal the conflicts between him and Emin, it is remarkable that Kadir met with the woman he loves, Sevil. The questions of Kadir, who is curious about his father’s past, arouse curiosity in the audience.

The life of the Saruhanlı family in Istanbul begins with surprises. Kadir, staying in Ödemiş, confronts Emin once again, and Kadir finds himself far from his family. Years later, he goes to see the woman he loves. But nothing is as he left it.

Trying to get used to the mansion, family members meet the challenges of their new life. While Emin is trying to cope with these difficulties in his own way, he finds İlhan Karaçam in front of him.

This new life will bring with it very different and challenging responsibilities. Emin has to make an important decision. Emin’s decision will change Kadir’s life once again.

Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar are writing the story of ‘Baba’ and the director is Çağrı Bayrak. ‘Baba’ is on Show TV with its new episode on Tuesday evening at 20.00!

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