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26 May 2022 07:03


The balance sheet of the last 5 years with Tolgahan Sayisman from Almeda Abazi!

Famous Albanian-born presenter Almeda Abazi is married to the famous actor Tolgahan Sayışman and the couple’s children, Efehan, are 2.5 years old… Abazi experienced the joy of being a mother for the second time with her daughter Alina in July.

Almeda Abezi, who was displayed during a shopping, explained that the pandemic was a difficult process for them, but that they were trying to adapt somehow. Stating that she could not send her son Efehan to school, Abazi stated that she was afraid of illness.

Explaining that while she was seven months pregnant, everyone at home caught the coronavirus and had a heavy experience, Almeda Abazi said that both her children and her husband are in very good condition at the moment.

Explaining that Efehan’s jealousy increased after Alina was born, Almeda Abazi said, “Their jealousy finished us off.” Explaining that February 13 is both her birthday and anniversaries of their marriage, Almeda Abazi said that they were thinking of going to Milan, but they could not do it because of the visa problem.

Tolgahan Sayisman celebrated his wife’s birthday and the fifth anniversary of their marriage with romantic words on social media last week. The actor used the following expressions in his message:

“My love, the mother of my most precious assets, my life partner, my comrade, first of all, happy new year and then the 5th anniversary of our marriage. I hope we have many good years together! I love you.”

Evaluating their five-year marriage, Almeda Abazi said, “Two children in two years, it seems to me like 10 years have passed. It was nice. It feels like we’ve known each other for 20 years. Five years is a little short when you think about it, but it seems like a pretty long time to me. It’s gone too fast. We got so used to each other that I didn’t even think about how it went,” she said.

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