Transfer from the rating winner Yargı to Fox TV's new series İyilik!
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4 February 2023 12:35


Transfer from the rating winner Yargı to Fox TV’s new series İyilik!

Fox TV’s new series, İyilik (Goodness), meets the audience on Friday evenings. An actor from Kanal D’s top-rated production, Yargı (Judgment), was transferred to the series, which will be screened with the second episode tonight.

The new series, full of intrigue, that will appear in front of the audience with its second episode tonight, did not make a very bright start in the ratings with its first episode. Therefore, the performance of the series tonight is expected with great interest.

Actors continue to participate in the new series. Selahattin Töz was the last name to join this new series of Fox TV. Töz, who is a graduate of Atatürk University Fine Arts Faculty Theater Acting Art Branch, has played roles in TV series such as Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu, 6 Mantı, Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) and Kanıt (Evidence).

Selahattin Töz was last seen on the screen with the series Yargı. Töz, played the new husband of Eren’s daughter’s mother in this series. In this TV series, Töz played a man who abused his wife. The successful actor will take a role in the İyilik (Goodness) series from now on. No explanation has been made about the character Töz will play in Iyilik.

Özgür Çevik was the last to join the cast of the TV series İyilik starring İsmail Demirci, Hatice Şendil, Sera Kutlubey and Perihan Savaş. Özgür Çevik will play Koray, who has been in love with Neslihan since high school, brought to life by Hatice Şendil.

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