Artists News TRT 1’s final series decision was a big blow to Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin!

TRT 1’s final series decision was a big blow to Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin!


Now, we are starting to see the first signs that a series whose ratings have decreased on the TRT1 screen will not be given a chance. The public broadcaster, which achieved good results with very ambitious series last season, also continued to keep good projects on the screen, even with low ratings.

However, the situation of the newly started Dünya Hali series has now become a proof that good ratings are expected from all projects in the new season. The Dünya Hali, starring Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin duo, is an absurd comedy series… The Dünya Hali, which is a continuation of projects such as the Last Season’s Tutunamayanlar and Tövbeler Olsun, was unfortunately reduced in importance by TRT1 with a time change…

The ratings of Dünya Hali, which is also a project for Pelin Abay and Caner Şahin to show themselves and take advantage of this important opportunity, are not good at all… Last night, the series did not come to the screen in prime-time. The ratings of the series, which aired at a later hour, dropped so much that it became difficult for TRT1 to carry this project for a long time.

Last night, the sixth episode of the series achieved such low rates in all categories that everyone was very surprised. The Dünya Hali series ranked 83rd in all people. You can see that the series, which is 60th in the EU, can be in the 44th place in ABC1. All fans are upset on behalf of the series, which has achieved such low rates for the first time.

The time of the seventh episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 1, was announced as 23.35. This situation may cause the ratings of the series to drop further and the Dünya Hali project to slowly move towards the finale.