Artists News Tuan Tunalı, the text of the Erkenci Kuş series, will make a big breakthrough with the Spanish series!

Tuan Tunalı, the text of the Erkenci Kuş series, will make a big breakthrough with the Spanish series!


Young actor Tuan Tunalı, who played the character of Metin in the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series broadcast in many countries of the world, started his career in 2009 with the TV series Deniz Yıldızı.

While the La Passion Turca team started preparations in Istanbul for the Turkey shooting, Tuan Tunalı was among the names on the set for the new project.

With İlker Kaleli taking the lead role, the shooting of the Spanish series, which has been talked about for a while, expected to last for 2 and a half months, started in Istanbul and the process will continue with shootings in Madrid.

Tuan Tunalı, who will take part in the story with a French guide character, will also benefit from studying in Paris for many years and knowing French very well in this production.

The actor, who can speak French fluently, will once again come to the fore in Spain with this story full of action and love.

Tuan Tunalı became a name that attracted the attention of the Spanish audience, as he played the character of Metin, like all the actors, during the broadcast of the Erkenci Kuş series.

Tunalı, who took an important step in the process of being known abroad with the La Passion Turca series, said that it was a source of pride for Turkish actors to be selected for important roles for foreign productions.

Tuan Tunalı gave the following information in his statement: “It is a romantic action and adventure project, which is the introduction of Turkey. I am very proud to be a part of this work as a guide describing the cultural heritages in our country. The number of co-productions between Turkey and abroad is increasing day by day, and among the most sought-after features are actors who can speak a foreign language and who will represent their country abroad. For this reason, we are proud that Turkish actors are preferred by foreign producers.”

The series will be shot in a total of 6 episodes, each of 50 minutes.