Series News Turkey’s plan has been deciphered through Disney Plus’s Atatürk TV series starring Aras Bulut İynemli!

Turkey’s plan has been deciphered through Disney Plus’s Atatürk TV series starring Aras Bulut İynemli!


When we look at the steps taken by Disney Plus, which will be broadcast in 42 more countries along with Turkey on June 14, it is immediately clear how much importance is attached to Turkey. In order to benefit from the great progress in the Turkish TV series and cinema industry, Disney Plus’s plan to turn our country into a production base has been clearly deciphered…

Connecting many names with special agreements with famous actors, Disney Plus will not only carry our domestic productions to the world market and prepare different, effective, original and more cost-effective content. It is necessary to read the message given through the Atatürk series well.

We know that Aras Bulut Iynemli has been preparing for the Atatürk series for a while. The famous actor, who attaches great importance to the series, which will start shooting in the summer, continues his special works in order to portray the character in the best way.

On the other hand, Disney Plus will make the Atatürk series not only like a domestic Turkish production, but also more meaningful with international touches. It is immediately noticed that these touches were made in order for the project to be successful around the world.

The emergence of Emma Watson’s role in the Atatürk TV series also helped to decipher an important plan of Disney Plus to bring together the Turkish TV series industry and Hollywood celebrities. The US content giant took Turkey’s power to produce original stories, It may have the idea of ​​being more effective in the world market by including Hollywood stars.

We can see from the original projects published on Netflix that Turkish productions are being made very cheap due to the depreciation of the TL, and that international platforms can generate very good revenues.

It seems that Disney Plus will make a different opening by including Hollywood celebrities. It is also very meaningful that the first application of this plan is the Atatürk TV series.

The success of the Atatürk series, which will be directed by Mehmet Ada Öztekin and in which many local actors will be in the cast, will lead to the emergence of similar projects. Even the name of British actress Emma Watson was enough to bring the series forward.

In addition, another development that increases the excitement of the first season, which will last 6 episodes, is about the music of the series. Oscar-winning musician Hans Zimmer will prepare the music for the Atatürk TV series. The results of Disney Plus’ making such Hollywood touches that will bring Turkish productions to the fore are already eagerly awaited.