Series News A Turkish actor on the way to Hollywood

A Turkish actor on the way to Hollywood


[Çağatay Ulusoy]’s recent developments

Netflix’s first original Turkish series ‘Protector’ is expected with enthusiasm.

Actor took the role of this lineup and caught the attention of Hollywood producers.

Jason George, the screenwriter of ‘Narcos’, wrote the first episode screenplay that will be published all over the world.

In addition to the ‘Narcos’ series, Scandal and Ingobernable, George received a decision to act as a Turkish actor in his film.

After seeing Actor’s previous productions, he learned that the screenwriter who positively approached the proposal to write the screenplay of the “Protector” sequence liked the performance of the famous actor very much and likened it to the screen very well.

George has recently produced in the film “Backseat” starring stars such as Sam Rockwell, Amy Adams and Christian Bale.

The ‘Protector’ series, which tells Hakan’s life that he had learned to protect Istanbul with a secret task given to him in the past, will be published all over the world in 2018.