Series News Impossible Love in Turkish tv drama

Impossible Love in Turkish tv drama


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There are an impossible love in the series on the ATV television channel in Turkey.

Audiences are very crying for the love of the characters of Tahir and Nefes.

Nefes was sold to a man she did not want.

Tahir saved Nefes from the bad man.

Tahir, both humble and compassionate, fell in love as soon as he could see the Nefes he had saved.

The audience loved the character of Tahir who protected Nefes and her son Yiğit at the cost of his life.

Tahir’s love is huge.

However, it is very difficult to combine Tahir and Nefes.

Tahir is engaged to someone else.

Breathing is married to someone else.

It looks like the couple will not stop loving each other despite everything.