Series News Turkish Series Forbidden Apple Episode 6 English Subtitles

Turkish Series Forbidden Apple Episode 6 English Subtitles


Section 6

Ender, when Yildiz sees you returning to Halit,she realizes that a squadron is sacrificed and drinks the vest to show Halid’s true face to Khalid. As she struggles to win Halit using her Yıldız’s innocence, she will understand that there is not only Ender in pursuit of Halit.

Alihan, on the other hand, makes the pain of the defeated by surprise Zeynep. Alihan’s unexpected movements will make it very difficult for Zeynep to control her feelings …


Zeynep (Sevda Erginci) and Yıldız (Eda Ece) are two brothers who are very fond of each other but whose dreams are completely different from each other. It changes when Star meets Ender Argun (Şevval Sam), the queen of the life societies. Ender decided to use Yildiz to get rid of her husband Halit Argun (Talat Bulut) and offered Yıldız’s proposal for his life.

In the life of Yildiz, the company that Zeynep works with is bought by Alihan Taşdemir (Onur Tuna). Alihan is a very arrogant, witty, rich businessman. The contrasts of Zeynep and Alihan soon turn into an interaction. What Zeynep does not know is that Alihan is the partner of Halit and the brother of the second wife.

Yildiz’s decision will affect not only himself but also Zeynep.