Artists News Turkish star Birce Akalay! Who is she?

Turkish star Birce Akalay! Who is she?


Turkish actress Birce Akalay is a name that is spoken very much by its magnificent game and beauty.

He plays the original character in the Black White Love series on Channel D TV.

There are millions of followers in Turkey … But fame has spread beyond the country’s borders.

Birce Akalay has fans all over the world.

It is a very popular actress especially in Arab countries.

Birce Akalay is preparing many videos on YouTube.

Here is one of them:

Who is Birce Akalay?

Born on June 19, 1984, Birce Akalay completed high school education at Pera Fine Arts High School Theater Department. In the same year he did not complete his education at Istanbul University Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy Department but he graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department.

Turkey 2004 beauty contest in the third Birce Akalay, she represented Turkey in the European Beauty Contest and reached the semifinals. Between 2004-2007 Star TV and TV8 sports spikilerin, as well as Champion League Special and 8th stage programs were prepared and delivered. Kader, which was produced in 2007, and also the main characters in the sequence of 2007, For You. At the same time, she joined the TV series 2008 Asi as guest actress. Besides these, the actress also took part in the last lesson, which entered the vision in 2008, and in the breathtaking movies,

Birce Akalay, who gave life to the Sevtap role in the nomination of Rebellion which came to the screen in TRT 1 in 2009, shared the main rolls with Emre Altuğ in the title movie I Love You in September 2009. In 2009 ATV’s new season series Birce Akalay, which we watched with the role of Zişan in Winter Tale, continued its broadcast period of Cinema World which started on TRT Music channel and continued on TV8 in the same year. In 2010, together with his ex-wife, Murat Ünalmış, revived the character of Love in the Sky sequence, which describes a love in Ürgüp. In 2013, Ayhan Aydan played the character of opera artrist Ayhan Aydan in “I Loved It Much” on the ATV screens, which is about the life of Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. She participated as guest in the “Such Ending” series in TRT 1 in 2013. Birce Akalay, who portrayed the character of Sinem in Kanal D’s “Küçük Ağa” series, married Sarp Levendoğlu, who shared the lead role in Küçük Ağa, on 1 August 2014. After a two-year marriage, she divorced on January 17, 2017, due to severe discomfort. In 2015 ATV’de published Married and Angry headline four of the dominant undertook one. Birce Akalay, who is in the staff of the 2017 Black White Love series, shares the lead role with İbrahim Çelikkol.