Series News What is MBC’s plan to ban Turkish serials?

What is MBC’s plan to ban Turkish serials?


The MBC Group, a satellite channel company that broadcasts to the Arab world, announced on March 1 that it has removed the Turkish series from broadcasting. Channel decided who do not share that was received by the AP news agency, the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar pointed out that Turkey’s stance in favor of Qatar.

The ban on Turkish films and series also includes Turkish programs. The prohibition of the Turkish series, which has become a phenomenon in the Arab geography, by the MBC and all the channels within it brings to mind the “Who are the partners of the channel?”

Established in 1991 as the first private television channel in London to broadcast in Arabic from satellite, the channel carried its headquarters to Dubai in 2002.

Although it is not known exactly who the shareholders of the company are, it is known that they are members of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

MBC put the ‘Silver’ sequence in the air with the name ‘Nur’, and carried the Turkish series to the Arab world.

MBC bought the Turkish serials rights and sold it to other channels.

The Turkish series, reaching a sectoral volume of 350 million dollars, which has been exported to more than 140 countries with the successful acceleration achieved recently, has a lot of audiences especially in the Arab world.

MBC Spokesman Mazen Hayek confirmed that “the decision to remove all Turkish series on several television channels in the region has been taken.”

Hayek said, “The section cost of the Arabic series is between 40 thousand and 100 thousand dollars. Turkish series is worth 250 thousand dollars or more, “he said.

These; Wounded Love, Inside, Rental Love, and Magnificent Century sequences were affected at random.