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6 July 2022 15:18


Ugur Pektaş is not kissing in movies!

Actor Uğur Pektaş changed the criteria for acting.

It was learned that the actor put the condition of ‘kissing’ in the proposals.

Actor reunited with Gamze Özçelik, who was divorced in 2011.

Uğur Pektaş changed the criteria of acting after he directed the spirituality.

Uğur Pektaş, who entered the tourism business by opening a company that makes organizations of pilgrimage and Umrah, placed ‘kissing’ condition on the acting offers.

During his last year’s visit to the Umrah, he wore a turban and a robe, and his photographs showed him taking his eyes.

Uğur Pektaş replies to the series and motion picture proposals, “If I have a kissing scene, I play.”

Actor Uğur Pektaş and actress Gamze Özçelik…

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