Series News Unfair criticism of [Mehmed The Conqueror]

Unfair criticism of [Mehmed The Conqueror]


[Mehmed The Conqueror] drama series latest news …

There are too heavy for the first part of the criticism published in Turkey series …

It is said that the dialogues in the series are similar to the contemporary Turkic language, and the use of language in the past is different.

Such criticisms are made on each series beginners in Turkey.

However, there is exaggerated criticism for this series in the lead of KenanImirzalioglu.

Even famous columnists write articles about the drama series.

These writings are usually negative …

But the audiences are different …

The audiences are happy that there is an ambitious series that can be watched.

Series team is out of morale due to these criticisms.

There is also a negative campaign against the leading actor KenanImirzalioglu.

However, all these criticisms are exaggerated.