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6 July 2022 18:13


Very special images crowning the partnership of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin!

Hello, who prepared Best Of magazine for 2020, chose Kerem Bürsin – Hande Erçel couple as the cover of the editors. The duo, who has been on the agenda for months with the characters Eda and Serkan played in the series Love Is In The Air, say goodbye to 2020 with very special poses …

In the statement made by the magazine, it was explained why this duo was chosen and their special images were served on Instagram. The magazine’s presentation was as follows: “Best of HELLO! We are hosting successful actors Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin on the cover of our special issue. ”

Photos of the famous duo were shared on the social media account of the magazine yesterday and today. Fans also showered likes and comments on these posts. The TV series followers who left a comment saying “I can’t breathe” reflected the success of the couple’s harmony with exaggerated comments.

The cover of Hello magazine’s Best Of version for 2020 has also appeared. The images of Kerem Bürsin-Hande Erçel in whites were highly appreciated by the fans of the series. Famous actress Kerem Bürsin answered the questions of the reporters about the shots in the magazine.

Kerem Bürsin, who appeared in front of the reporters after the photos reflected in the Instagram account of Hello magazine, expressed how well they were in harmony with his partner Hande Erçel. The actor said, “We did a nice shot, it was a nice magazine shoot.”

Stating that Kerem Bürsin would also support the decoration of Hande Erçel’s new house, the actress said that there was no such thing, and that he could express his opinion if she asked for help.

The actor stated that he is currently working at an intense pace and does not have time for love. Bürsin also implied that he would not be looking for love unless he came across it. Stating that the rumors about Melisa Döngel are not true, Bürsin reminded that they are working together and added that she has a very beloved friend.

The player, who also conveyed his wish for 2021, said, “Everyone should be healthy and happy, I hope this vaccine will also work and everyone will be healthy and happy. “It will be a year when we respect nature, people and animals more.”

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