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7 July 2022 04:57


You’ve never seen like this Alina Boz!

Alina Boz, who is one of the rising stars of recent years, is coming with the Maraşlı series, which will soon meet with the audience on the ATV screen … The actress, who shares the lead role with Burak Deniz, will leave her mark on the screen again with the character of Mahur. The TV series Maraşlı is expected to meet with the audience on the ATV screen in early January.

Alina Boz opened the doors of a new era in her career. The actress is shown as one of the most striking young actors since the character Hazal, which he portrayed in the Broken Pieces series in 2014. The actress, whose fans share thousands of messages every day on social media, comes back with the television series after the character of Azra in the series Don’t Give Up My Hand.

The actress, who has achieved great success in Love 101, broadcast on Netflix, may be one of the best breakouts of her career with the Maraşlı series. Alina Boz, who has a good harmony with Burak Deniz, does not fall off the agenda with her social media posts.

Alina Boz, who posted the video that reflects her sympathetic and affectionate status from the shoots of the brand she is a face, received thousands of likes and many complimenting comments from her followers.

The sharing that Hazal Subaşı and Hatice Şendil left with a heart also attracted great interest from their followers. Alina Boz, who appeals to more than 3 million people both from Turkey and abroad, is increasing her fan base day by day.

Here are the moments when the famous actress reflected her beauty and sympathy:

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