Series News Very special training is given to the actors for the new series of Fox TV, Dokuz Oğuz!

Very special training is given to the actors for the new series of Fox TV, Dokuz Oğuz!


Fox TV does not interrupt its work despite its series that make finals one after the other! One of the remarkable projects of the channel, which keeps its new productions on the screen, is a soldier-themed series called Dokuz Oğuz (Nine Oghuz).

The work of the series Dokuz Oğuz started months ago. Because the players had to go through a series of training! Due to the military themed series, the actors were provided with special training for the action scenes. Famous actors who gave life to soldier characters received military training as well as fight scenes.

In addition to the weapons training, the players who learned how to use a rifle also went through a series of trainings about the orders and military steps taken almost like a soldier.

“Everywhere is dark!” Gold Film undertakes the production of the series, which was launched with the slogan. The presentation of the series, directed by Cem Akyoldaş and written by Süleyman Çobanoğlu, also attracted attention.

The names that we used to see in different series before in the series, whose broadcast date has not been clarified yet, will this time come to the screen with an action-packed series.

Kubilay Aka, who is among the actors, shared his excitement about the series in which he played the heroic Turkish soldier, in an interview recently. While the actor, who was on a strict diet for his role, did not go unnoticed, it was seen that he provided the condition of his body with the trainings and sports he received.

Kubilay Aka plays a captain nicknamed Karanlık (Darkness) in the TV series Dokuz Oğuz, which was filmed in Ankara. Saying that the story of the series is very good and things are going well on the set, Kubilay Aka’s biggest complaint is the cold of Ankara.

The actor, who gave tips about the series, stated that they are a team of 9 people and made the following statement for those who are curious about the name of the series: “We are doing a job to continue the story of the Dokuz Oğuz, which was previously owned by the Oghuz Turks. We have 9 undead soldiers, something will happen to us.”

Kubilay Aka, who also talked about the training they received for Dokuz Oğuz, who is preparing to be the new and remarkable soldier series on the screen, explained that he did not have much difficulty in his new series because he was experienced in the action scenes in the series Çukur (The Pit), which he played before.