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[Vildan Atasever] archery curiosity


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“Archery has long been of interest. This year was a fortune. It was good, ” she said.

Actress takes care not to disrupt her workouts despite intense work.

She, who describes the archery as a body gymnastic, says, “Equilibrium and breath control are important when you shoot arrows. You need to calculate your focus and focus. Physically, you also need muscle strength, ” she said.

She, who emphasized that archery also increased the concentration of children, “is very useful for children with hyperactivity problem. I recommend both for physical training and ethnic culture, for the inheritance of our ancestors and for the children of families to lead this spore to maintain the spirit of history. ”

Actress “Archery is an ethnic spell we will gain many achievements both physically and mentally. I started to benefit from science from this science. I hope to succeed. It is also worth to me to recognize the historical importance and cultural background, ” she said.