Vildan Atasever made a new image in the new series after Payitaht Abdulhamid!
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25 March 2023 00:35


Vildan Atasever made a new image in the new series after Payitaht Abdulhamid!

Famous actress Vildan Atasever has been acting in TV series since 2002. The actress, who has given life to strong characters in many projects in her 19-year career, has recently been involved in digital productions.

The actress, who took part in the Payitaht Abdulhamid series broadcast on the TRT1 screen for a while, gave life to the character of Saliha. After the finale of the series, Vildan Atasever, who had been resting for a while, went back to the set. The famous actress, who also made a new image for her new series, enchanted her fans with her beauty.

The team met for the second season of the TV series Bonkis, which received acclaim for the first season on BluTV. Vildan Atasever is in the lead role of the series. Deniz Tezuysal, who wrote the story in the Bonkis series, which offers an entertaining story with fascinating nature views, also acts the leading role.

After the first season of the series, which presents a woman’s story, attracted attention, the second season was decided. In the new season of the story, things change completely and Bonkis hits the road with her trailer.

The series team started shooting in Bozcaada. In the story, the team on their way to the festival will not give up even though the cafe is locked. The audience will wait with curiosity what will happen to Deniz this time.

The effort to transform Bonkis into a “feminist pavilion” before hitting the road will give the audience a lot of fun. Vildan Atasever, Öykü Naz Altay and Sergen Deveci will star in the new season of the series, and surprise names will be included in the cast.

Vildan Atasever, who has not shared her Instagram account for a while, shared her new version with her dog. Fans of the famous actress are also wondering if he will appear on the screen with a new television series. After the digital series Bonkis, Atasever is expected to evaluate the offers.

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