Was there another chance for Elçin Sangu's series?
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1 December 2022 07:07


Was there another chance for Elçin Sangu’s series?

The news that the TV series Happily Ever After (Good Day Bad Day), which is screened on Saturday evenings, will make its finals have been announced recently. The romantic comedy series starring Elçin Sangu, Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen did not reach the expected ratings. The final decision for Happily Ever After, which had the same problem with TV series on different channels, surprised everyone.

Yasemin Allen made a statement against this situation. The other leading actress Elçin Sangu stated that there was no problem in the team or the production, and that Star TV made this decision and stated that no work could prove itself in 6 episodes.

While everyone was waiting for the 6th episode to be the final, there was a surprise. The 6th episode trailer of the Happily Ever After series was announced as a new episode, not the final.

Viewers “I wonder if the final was abandoned?” asked his question. There are curious questions about the fate of the series on social media. However, there is no clear case yet.

The actors had reacted to Star TV’s decision by declaring that the final news came to them the other day. After this wave of reactions on social media, was the channel given another chance to the series?

Here is the 6th episode trailer that will be released on Saturday, October 17th:

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