Another chance for Call My Agent series
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2 December 2022 06:23


Another chance for Call My Agent series

Call My Agent series, whose first 8 episodes met with the audience on Tuesday evenings on Star TV screens, lost a significant part of its audience with the start of The Innocent tv series. The series, which stands out with its fun and different story, was also bad.

If it goes on like this, the fans of the series, who sent messages to Star TV on social media, demanded a change of the day.

Star TV made the decision to change the day by opening another big chance to the series that will walk towards the finals if it remains on the screen on Tuesday evenings. Thus, what the audience wanted came true.

Starring Barış Falay, Canan Ergüder, Ahsen Eroğlu, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu, Fatih Artman and Deniz Can Aktaş, the series will now meet with the audience on Sunday evenings.

The 9th episode trailer of Call My Agent was also shared and it was announced by Star TV that it will be screened on Sunday evening, October 18.

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