Artists News What does Sevda Erginci’s return to the Yasak Elma series mean?

What does Sevda Erginci’s return to the Yasak Elma series mean?


The wind of Sevda Erginci is blowing in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings…

Sevda Erginci, who took part in the first two seasons of the series and was absent in the next 3 seasons, reappeared in the Yasak Elma after years passed.

The character of Zeynep, who will meet with the audience in the 150th new episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Monday, October 10, will surprise everyone. Zeynep, who went abroad and got married here, will suddenly return, but it will not be for long.

Sevda Erginci’s return to the series is expected to be at the guest level and for a short time. However, it is obvious that the actress will make an important contribution to the story and will experience a good nostalgia.

The image of Zeynep’s character will also look different to the fans of the Yasak Elma series with the change of Sevda Erginci over the years.

So what does the return of Sevda Erginci in the series mean? As it is known, the Yasak Elma series will bid farewell to the screens at the end of the sixth season.

Sevda Erginci actually returned to the series and gave the feeling that the farewell tours had begun. The screenwriters of the series seem to have made such an opening to both honor the old actors and establish the ties of the story with the past.

This behavior of the screenwriters seems very wise in terms of both saying goodbye to the fans of Sevda Erginci’s Yasak Elma series and being a nice gesture.

Of course, let us remind you that the reappearance of old and unforgettable characters on the screen is also an indication of how successful the screenwriters are in terms of the integrity of the series.

Judging by the comments of the series fans on social media, this strategy seems to have been very successful. Many viewers share, “I’m so glad that the character of Zeynep is back.”