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7 July 2022 02:07


What is ÇağatayUlusoy’s sequence in the Protector?

ÇağatayUlusoy is trying to win morale at the holiday together with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ-Başak Dizer couple.

Netflix is ​​known as the first Turkish serial Protector is expected with great curiosity …

ÇağatayUlusoy fans are sure that a very successful production will come out …

The series will also be a very important opportunity for ÇağatayUlusoy to introduce himself to the world …

Although the ruling of the court is tightened by he, it is understood with the holiday images that morale is in place …

I have been informed that the shooting of 10 sections of the protective line has been completed.

It is thought that the series will meet with the audience on Netflix platform since September …

After ÇağatayUlusoy’s holiday, the second 10 episodes of the series will be filmed.

That is, it is thought that 20 sections of the index will be drawn before the start of the bow.

Let’s see if the Protective Series can meet the expectations of ÇağatayUlusoy fans?

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