Series News The ‘Wounded Love’ series makes the final with an unforgettable episode!

The ‘Wounded Love’ series makes the final with an unforgettable episode!


The final part of the ‘Wounded Love’ series will be released on Thursday, June 7th.

The series, which will say farewell to the 59th episode, comes with an unforgettable ending.

The directors are Halit Ergenç and Bergüzar Korel.

Cevdet and Azize in the final presentation of the series, under the work of Filippos. It was a matter of curiosity that Azize, who could not stand torture in the final part, would die.

Cevdet, who is struggling to speak, gives the biggest test; She is exposed to torture in front of the Azize!

The most important turning point was entered in the National Struggle. Cevdet, when exposed to torture for speech, is shot in an anda life that he never expected. His wife Azize is also now facing him and torturing him. Cevdet, who turns mad from the fierce, tries to get rid of the Greek Commander Filippos to get revenge.

The wars in the frontier are getting bigger and the honorable struggle of the Turkish troops brings hard times to the invading states.

Yakup, who fights at the front, gets important injuries, and Yıldız is supporting him. Leon, one of the names that can change the course of the war, continues to fight against the power.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the command of the Turkish Army, acting in order to win the war will be forced to take great efforts.