Artists News What is Hazal Kaya’s most disliked trait?

What is Hazal Kaya’s most disliked trait?


Hazal Kaya, who acted the leading role in the last Fox TV series “Misafir”, had the unfortunateness of making the final in the 5th episode of the project due to the low ratings. This short meeting of the actress, whom her fans wanted to see on the screen for a long time, was reflected in her career as an unsuccessful job.

Hazal Kaya, who was a guest of Onedio’s youtube program, also attracted attention with some statements she made about herself. When asked about the most annoying behavior of her friends, the actress stated that they are annoyed with many of her habits.

Hazal Kaya said: “The thing that annoys them the most is that when something happens to them, when they need advice and compassion, I get so angry that they are like that… I get very angry, very sad. Then they do not see such a gentle and compassionate attitude from me as they expected. However, it has nothing to do with it, I’m angry because something happened to them. Sometimes I have to turn the tone down there.”

Hazal Kaya, who had a lot of fun with the comments she received in the program, burst into laughter. Hazal Kaya, who also talked about her memory with her close friend Enis Arıkan, with whom she acted in the movie “Benden Ne Olur”, said that they had a friendship going back a long time.

Hazay Kaya also stated that they improvised in many scenes together in the movie and shared the following memory:

“I laughed for minutes at Enis’s reaction in a scene. I laughed so much that people are angry now. Because we couldn’t continue. There is a program Sertab watches on TV. There are reactions of Enis while watching him, I laughed a lot at him. We have so many memories.”