Series News What is the reason behind the sudden final decision for the Aziz series?

What is the reason behind the sudden final decision for the Aziz series?


The Aziz series, which was broadcast on Show TV screens and tells about the period of Hatay before joining the Turkish homeland, was appreciated both for this feature during the Turkish War of Independence and its story full of love and drama. The series, starring Murat Yıldırım, Simay Barlas and Damla Sönmez, has a considerable audience.

It was a matter of curiosity whether the series, whose ratings fell in Ramadan, would make the season finale after a while. After the end of Ramadan with the decreasing ratings of the series, the channel could not give a clear answer to the question of ‘final or continuation?’ for a long time. In fact, it was a critical week for everyone before a final episode aired.

Aziz viewers also breathed a sigh of relief when the last episode trailer of the series was released with the ‘season finale’ note a few days before the broadcast. We said goodbye to meet again in the new season. The continuation of the story about the annexation of Hatay to the territory of the country would also be watched in the new season. After Damla Sönmez left the series, the Aziz series was preparing for the second season in partnership with Simay Barlas and Murat Yıldırım.

In fact, there were some allegations about Murat Yıldırım’s separation in the past days. However, the actor openly responded to both the issue with the screenwriter and the claim about himself on his social media account.

There were some allegations that screenwriter Eda Tezcan left the team during the summer months, and Yıldırım did not want the new screenwriter and left. Yıldırım denied all these allegations. He stated that Eylem Canpolat would not be able to write the script of the Aziz series, as she had already written another story.

Stating that the Aziz series will continue in the new season, Murat Yıldırım also concluded by saying, “I can promise that the Aziz series will return with a brand new and powerful story.” However, the situation changed in the future! Although the events in the background have not been fully clarified, the issues that have been on the agenda for a while are likely to affect the decision not to continue the Aziz series in the new season.

With the departure of Damla Sönmez at the end of the first season, Aziz and Efnan’s meeting and finding happiness, a subject that was an element of curiosity in the story was kind of closed. The story of Hatay getting rid of the French occupation and regaining its homeland was also nearing its end.

The series needed some new beginnings and topics that would increase the audience’s curiosity. The news that the new screenwriter would be Eylem Canpolat was exciting. Because Canpolat had written many popular TV series before, it also heralded the arrival of Aziz series with a stronger story in the new season. However, Eylem Canpolat came to the agenda with the news that she could not write Aziz because she wrote the story of another series.

It is estimated that both Show TV management and producer O3 Medya are working on the continuation of Aziz during the summer season. Because the sudden final decision, just a few days before September, reveals that everyone was hopeful for the series until the last moment.

Likewise, the message given by the lead role Murat Yıldırım for the continuation of the series was also encouraging to the team. However, in the summer season, Murat Yıldırım’s concerns about the new story were being voiced backstage. It is understood that the actor, who seems to have concerns for the season, is trying to make his contribution to start the new season more strongly.

However, it seems that despite all the well-intentioned efforts, the preparations and studies for the Aziz series could not bring a strong stance that would ensure the continuation of the series in the new season!

The fact that the love between Efnan and Aziz, which seemed impossible, turned into a love tale with unexpected developments, was already a situation that was extremely satisfying for the audience. In the story set in the 1930s, the fact that the process of Hatay’s accession to the Republic of Turkey was also discussed more in the following sections, also mobilized national feelings.

In the series, the process on this issue was coming to an end in the season finale. For this reason, in the new season, the series could attract the attention of the audience with a much different and interesting trend. It turns out that there was no story that would satisfy anyone!

The partnership of Simay Barlas and Murat Yıldırım revealed a series of couples that the audience liked very much. However, with the second season scenario of the Aziz series not being liked, the final decision was announced quickly!

This sudden news from the series, which is expected to start shooting the new season, made the audience very sad. The series, which did not even have the opportunity to make a final, unfortunately ended its screen journey! Although Simay Barlas and Murat Yıldırım are very popular as a series couple, after the script problem of the Aziz series, there is no chance to continue the second season!