All Series What is the story of the new series Kara Tahta, who is taking part?

What is the story of the new series Kara Tahta, who is taking part?


Kara Tahta (meanning: Blackboard) series, TRT1’s new and ambitious series, will be on the screen with its first episode on Wednesday, March 30. Starring Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, a story with an emotional aspect that will deeply affect the audience will be told in the series, which is under preparation.

After the leading roles in the series became clear, other details gradually emerged. In the series, in which Cengiz Bozkurt is also in the cast, lawyer Engin in the Yargı (meannig: Judgment) series and Onur Durmaz, who has recently become a star, will portray the character of Cafer in the Kara Tahta. Cafer, who works at the kebab shop in the new series, will be on the side of Bekir, the villain of the story.

Erkan Birgören writes the screenplay of Kara Tahta, which is understood from the first introduction to have an impressive story. Miray Daner, Irmak and Furkan Andıç will portray the character of Atlas in the series. The character of Atlas and Irmak will take place in the story as two old lovers who fell in love during their school years but then broke up and reunited years later.

Returning to the town where he faced bullying years ago, the character Atlas will start educating young people in his high school as a math teacher. Of course, this is a love story and the encounters of Irmak character and her old love Atlas will be dramatic.

Kara Tahta, which will meet its audience on TRT1 screen on Wednesday evenings at 20:00, as predicted with the first trailer released, has a strong cast.

The strongest opponent of the series for Wednesday will be Kuruluş Osman. It is very difficult to displace the Kuruluş Osman series, which has not fallen from the top of the rating every week since its first episode. However, Sadakatsiz and Oğlum, which were broadcast on the same evening, were not very strong in the ratings.

The curious, detailed cast of TRT’s ambitious new series Kara Tahta, which is discussed with its first episode, is about how it will result in ratings;

Furkan Ardıç – Atlas
Miray Daner – Irmak
Cengiz Bozkurt – Arif Hoca
Kerem Arslanoğlu – Bekir
Selen Uçer – Münevver
Çiçek Dilligil – Sevgi
Mine Tüfekçioğlu – Ülfet
Nizam Namidar – Hikmet
Onur Durmaz – Cafer
Taylan Meydan – Iskender
Eylül Ugan – Aylin