What kind of series is Destan, who is in the cast?
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1 February 2023 11:51


What kind of series is Destan, who is in the cast?

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated “Destan” series, not only in Turkey but also in many geographies of the world. The cast of “Destan”, which is preparing to leave its mark on the new season, has been announced on the ATV screen.

The first trailer of “Destan”, which is preparing to be the most talked about series of the season with its unique story, magnificent cast and magnificent decorations, also received great acclaim. The trailer, which has reached great popularity since its publication, received millions of comments and likes in Turkey and around the world.

There are ambitious actors in the cast of the series ‘Destan’, which continues to shoot at full speed. Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli, Selim Bayraktar, Deniz Barut, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, Görkem Kanbolat Arslan, İpek Karapınar, Elif Doğan, Osman Albayrak, Burak Tozkoparan, Buse Meral, Burak Berkay Akgül, Ecem Sena Bayır, Esra Kılıç , Bilgi Aydoğmuş, Ahmet Olgun Sünear, Hilal Uysun, Alper Doğru and Şahin Ergüney will appear in front of the audience.

The story of the series, which the audience is waiting with great excitement, is as follows: In ancient times, when epics were not written, a warrior girl is captured and finds herself in a very pure love with a very brutal power struggle. In the epic story of Akkız, who was a prisoner to her enemy, and Batuga, the son of a lame and lame khan, who was crushed in her father’s palace, these two, ignored by everyone, join forces to achieve the impossible and walk to power.

Production and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar play the leading roles in “Destan”, directed by Emir Khalilzadeh and written by Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem.

The highly anticipated ‘Destan’ will soon meet the audience on the ATV screen.

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