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13 August 2022 02:25


What was the reason that convinced Sevda Erginci to the romantic comedy series?

Those who heard the name of Sevda Erginci as the leading actress of the new romantic comedy series named Seni Kalbime Sakladım (I Saved You For My Heart) were a little surprised.

Because the actress has been involved in drama projects for many years and has given very successful performances in this regard.

Sevda Erginci, on the other hand, said in her statement that an entertaining romantic comedy would be good for her as she has been involved in drama for many years.

The thing that drew the actress to this series was her story. Sevda Erginci said, “The thing that impressed me most about both the story and the script was that it was a very warm and heartfelt story, and the language of the script was very sincere and real.”

Sevda Erginci, who plays the character of Zeynep, met with her fans for the first time on Thursday evening. TRT1’s involvement in romantic comedy series is also seen as an important strategic decision.

Public broadcaster TRT1 generally featured drama-oriented projects, but in the summer, it managed to win the hearts of the audience with two entertaining serials called Seni Kalbime Sakladım and Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby).

Sevda Erginci was on the TRT1 screen with the TV series Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuks) in the previous season. The actress, who successfully portrayed the character of Turna in this series, took the lead role in the Fox TV series Elkızı in the winter period.

If you look at the social media comments in the first episode of the series, the series Seni Kalbime Sakladım started out as a successful project.

Sevda Erginci fans are also happy to see the actress in this new role, and there are very positive comments on social media.

It has to be said that Sevda Erginci’s new series gives her fans the feeling that the romantic comedy series can also overcome.

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