Series News What’s going on in ‘A Little Murder’ series?

What’s going on in ‘A Little Murder’ series?


No one in the ‘A Little Murder’ sequence is curious about who died!

The series was one of the most ambitious productions of the season.

‘A Little Murder’ has attracted so much interest that the audience has been eager to see the murders on the line since the beginning of the season.

Who is the killer? The question has been asked for months, but there is still no improvement.

In such a case, the viewer no longer seeks a murderer but finds himself curious.

Mesut Yar, at the corner of Posta see what it says about the topic:

“In the ‘A Little Murder’ series, the question came out of the question” Who killed who? “And” Who is worse? ”

A survey on social media has revealed that one of the main characters will be going to the season finals without changing the world.

But things do not walk through the questionnaire. Still, we ask for our own answer to the question “who is worse?”

The worst two characters share the summit. Merve and Oya.

In the meantime, “Pelin, Burcu, Arzu, Edip, Serhan, Mehmet and even the servant Rachel” …

We still see that the name of the directory needs to be changed as well; for example, “Big Diamonds Evil”. The ear does not come … “