Series News Problems started in ‘Woman’s series

Problems started in ‘Woman’s series


OzgeÖzpirinçci, CanerCindoruk and BennuYıldırımlar are starring in ‘Woman’.

The fact that the original of the series is 11 episodes and the native adaptation is based on the 29th episode before the end of the season is a big challenge for the screenwriter.

It needs to be stretched and extended, but not too hard! There are a lot of criticisms in this regard on the social media. The fact that the index is starting to go heavy is not a matter of clarity, it is actually caused by trying to extend it.

Television critic MesutYar wrote about the subject:

“The ratings of the Woman series are moving fast, but there is a state of desperation that I can not give the recipe. This problem is often experienced in adaptation arrays. And it’s not like it’s coming from the audience …

One day, if we stop watching the dizzy stream of the episode one day and start to look again, I guess we will see that the main characters still can not meet … Oh, it is another illusion to keep this sequence in line without any extraordinary. I guess I have to congratulate him on my part! “