Series News The biggest problem of Turkish series players!

The biggest problem of Turkish series players!


PelinKarahan, who is currently cooking at Show TV, explained why he did not take part in the series that he made in a while ago.

PelinKarahan’s description summed up the situation in the series industry.

MustafaDoğan from Haberturk Newspaper wrote an article about the subject:

“PelinKarahan,” Series market is not very bright. There is not much chance, things get up quickly. As a human player she is concerned. Projects are risky, teams remain clear “explanations have been in many places news.

I and my colleagues frequently talk about a topic, fingerprints from the player window of PelinKarahan is very valuable.

It is not a coincidence that the explanations came right after my beloved ErdalÖzyağcılar’s last week’s evaluation of the “There is an actor and scenario pollution in the sector” evaluation.

This is the beginning, the voices in the industry will gradually rise. It has to rise. After all, everyone is on the same ship, everybody sinks and everyone loses!

PelinKarahan continued the same explanation, “Our ‘Poplar Winds’ lasted 5 years. Do you have that much work now? ”

We do not really have long-running jobs anymore on our screens.

Consumption madness, officially took the series industry. Because the projects were consumed quickly, the quality of the work was significantly lowered with the works that were set up without being worked on.

The channels and the producers, if they either coincide, move in a sense. But it can not go on like this!

The solution way is also simple, in fact, the deal will be done in the form of contracts that will guarantee 13 chapters.

The producer, the player, the set team, the channel, the audience will know that the sequence will not end in 2-3 weeks.