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12 August 2022 11:37


When Star TV made the series Ah Nerede, Fox TV responded with the new version of Devlerin Aşkı!

Recently, you can see that a new process has started with the serial versions of old Turkish movies. You can also consider this situation as a sign that the industry is struggling at the point of producing stories.

On Star TV, the TV series “Ah Nerede”, which started in the summer, is broadcast on Friday evenings.

The duo of Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser became the young names in the serial version of a very famous movie of the period. The TV series version of the 1975 movie Ah Nerede, directed by Gülşen Bubikoğlu and Tarık Akan, was an interesting experience.

At the point of re-adapting Turkish movies, Neslihan Atagül starred with Serkan Çayoğlu in the lead role and the shooting of the movie Aaah Belinda had started. The movie Aaahh Belinda, which left its mark on a period, was shot in 1986 and stars such as Müjde Ar, Macit Koper, Yılmaz Zafer and Füsun Demirel.

In this environment where new versions of Turkish films called Ah Nerede, Aaah Belinda are being shot, an important attack is coming from Show TV. The serial version of the movie Devlerin Aşkı (Love of giant), which will bear the signature of Gold Film and will be broadcast on Show TV, has also appeared.

Gold Film continues to work on the serial version of The Devlerin Aşkı, shot in 1976, with the magnificent performances of Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır.

There is no clear information about which famous names will take place in the serial version of this movie, which has a great drama story.

Devlerin Aşkı, the dramatic romantic movie Türkan Şoray and Kadir İnanır directed by Osman F. Seden in 1976, is a love story between two people, and a story that develops around the third person in this love and the jealousy that it reveals.

The serial version of Devlerin Aşkı was one of the most anticipated projects.

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