Artists News When we say Yasak Elma and concerts, Şevval Sam lives every day to the fullest!

When we say Yasak Elma and concerts, Şevval Sam lives every day to the fullest!


Continuing the sixth season of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings, Şevval Sam also continues to work in the field of music.

The actress, who is on the set 4 days a week for the Yasak Elma series, also dedicates 3 days to concerts and thus spends a week to the fullest.

For the last two seasons, Şevval Sam was left with the pressure of the audience in the Yasak Elma series and the thought of not leaving her friends alone.

However, it is also known that the sixth season is the finale and she has a thought that wants to continue her life without the intensity of the Yasak Elma.

Eda Ece’s statement in the past months that the series will finalize at the end of the season, caused the audience to prepare to say goodbye to the Yasak Elma.

Şevval Sam stated that although he was on the set for four days and at concerts for three days, her energy was high and she was satisfied. The actress said, “I am doing what I love. Since there is so much demand, I do not want to turn it down somehow. While I have the energy, I will do as much as I can.”

Şevval Sam, who is considering making progress in music and acting, was a guest actor in the Ru series, which was shot for Netflix last year, apart from the Yasak Elma Şevval Sam, explaining that she will take part as a guest actress in a project prepared for Disney Plus in 2023, said, “I care about having different characters. Yasak Elma is now a comfort zone for us, we know what to do. I am still very happy to be there. We have already been like a family for 5 years with the team,” she said.