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22 May 2022 15:01


When will Can Yaman be on the set for his new drama El Turco?

Famous actor Can Yaman gained a large fan base in Italy. The actor began to take part in the Italian TV series market with the agreements he made here and showed himself by taking part in commercials. Italy, where the famous director Ferzan Özpetek has lived for more than 40 years and where he has signed many projects, has also been a good jumping off point for Can Yaman in his career.

The shooting of Can Yaman’s new series Viola Come Il Mare in Italy also started in September and was completed at the beginning of the new year. This series is eagerly awaited to premiere on Canale 5 in April. Fans of Can Yaman, who plays a half-Turkish half-Italian policeman named Francesco Demir, began to wait with great curiosity.

As Ferzan Özpetek said in an interview, wherever Can Yaman goes in Italy, events happen and an audience has formed. The actor is now starting to work on his new series El Turco…

Can Yaman’s is among the agreements with famous names of Disney Plus, which is understood to have positioned Turkey as a production base for a series. Our actor will take the lead role in the TV series El Turco, written by Kerem Deren and signed by Ay Yapım.

While a world-famous star name is expected to accompany Can Yaman in the series, it turned out that the shooting is planned to start in the summer months. At the beginning of summer, Disney Plus will start broadcasting in Turkey with 44 new countries.

In July, Can Yaman and his teammates will be on the set for the El Turco series. The new series, which will bear the signature of an important director like Uluç Bayraktar, can be watched by users of Disney Plus all over the world, so the name Can Yaman will spread to a wider audience with his works on this platform.

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