Who is Aslı Bekiroğlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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30 September 2022 10:28


Who is Aslı Bekiroğlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Aslı Bekiroğlu was born on 16 November 1995 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Aslı Bekiroğlu
Date of Birth: November 16, 1995
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Length: 1.62 m.
Weight: 52 kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye color brown
Siblings: Has a sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aslibekiro/
Pets: His cat is Osman.

Family: Her father is a civil engineer from Trabzon but is dealing with textile business. Her mother is from Rize, a housewife. She was born and raised in Istanbul, she has a sister, her sister was diagnosed as ‘genius’ because she was very smart.

Her childhood years: She was a spoiled kid who always wanted to be famous when she was younger. Her family always supported his choices. She had a wonderful childhood in a warm, friendly beautiful family. “My father told me something like,” You said I will be famous, I think you did it. ” Consequently, they view the profession I have chosen very positively. ”

Education life: She graduated from Italian High School. She did his higher education in Bahçeşehir University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Between 2006-2011, she studied Harp and Solfege at the Harp Department of Istanbul University State Conservatory.

How did she start acting? Ever since she was a kid, she had a great desire for acting. She first started her screen adventure with advertising projects. She drew attention with her fun videos he shot and published on social media and his posts on Twitter and Instagram. “A friend of mine was filming and uploading videos on Vine. He also recommended it to me. So I started pulling flowers, glasses, water and so on and loading them. I liked it too. One day a video I shot went viral, so it was watched a lot. The first commercial offer came in this way. It was an ice cream company. Life has shown me this way. I looked, it was very enjoyable and fun, I said ‘Let me continue on this path.’

The first step to acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Ayça” in the TV series “Love Me Like This”.

With which project did it shine? She drew attention with the character of “Yasemin” in the “Gülümse Yeter” series.

Personality traits: Sympathetic, funny, funny, sincere, ambitious.

Mindset: She adopts the placebo, that is ‘if you believe it’ principle. “As long as I can remember myself, I have always wanted, desired and been in show business. I also believe that we will be rewarded as we send a message to the universe. I also gave messages about what I always wanted. I never thought badly. So luck laughed at me. No. I am a Scorpio sign, I usually think of the worst of things but still look on the bright side. I guess I’m Pollyanna, I just realized. I also have a habit of saying the first thing that comes to my mind. As soon as I warm up to someone, I turn on, and it doesn’t take long for me to warm up anyway. I say what comes to my mouth directly, I cut it. Even if I’m being indifferent to someone, I do it from such a sweet place that the other person will not break.

What kind of person is she on set? She does not worry that I will always be very happy and energetic. She behaves the way he feels. “Of course my mood is falling, I often get demoralized. But when I am, anybody does not understand from the outside. I am not someone who shows my feelings a lot. ”

The source of happiness: The sister, whom she said “I can’t”.

First motion picture: Umur Turagay / Instead of Us

Her view on life: A little crazy and very energetic. Thanks to acting, she learned to shoot out everything she lived through. “For example, I roll a cola bread. I have an unnecessary energy. I run away in any tension. I immediately close myself to all misery and evil. I’m drawn to my own little fantasy world and I don’t care. My sadness period is a maximum of three days when I experience something bad. I immediately throw my sorrow into the boxes behind my head and continue my life. Stress has never been in my life. I used to throw it in me. When I started acting, I became a coach. To me ‘You have a wall inside. Laughter is your mask. You’re putting your feelings into it, “he said. I learned to express my feelings openly by working on this subject with acting. It turns out as a disease when you throw it into it anyway. ”

Her attitude to business life: The only thing that changed in her life after she became famous was being known on the street. “I also make money, I used to have no earnings. That’s why I spent a lot in the beginning and couldn’t save. Now I noticed something, I am saving, even if I have a lot of money, I do not give 7 thousand liras just because a shoe is beautiful. ”

Career plan: She wants to portray different roles. She believes he can handle any role if she works. “Nothing happens without working. I’m eating out of my pocket right now. Until today I always played the sweet, funny and laughing girl. But I also play drama. For example, I believe I will do justice to the bad female role. I may not be able to do the nudity thing. For example, when I started my first TV series, I also got a movie offer. I was asked to play the harp or piano naked in the movie, I did not accept. ”

Future Dream: She dreams of a different role than the sweet, cute girl she’s played so far. “I want to act in an art movie or an independent film and receive an award. I would love to play the lead girl in a romantic movie and the bad lady character in another. And I want to be a singer like Beyonce or Rihanna! ”

Concerns: One of the issues that worries her is the fading of her star, not being offered a job. There is a saying, “If you climb too fast, you will descend very quickly.” I did not make such a quick exit. Step by step, I think I am progressing by learning. I work really hard. For this reason, I do not think I will die out suddenly. ”

The criterion of attractiveness in men: She finds attractive men who can attract his irritability, cuteness and resentment. “I personally am very jealous. That’s why the man I like is also a must to be jealous. I want him to be jealous. ”

Hobbyist: Singing sounds like therapy. She also enjoys drawing or doing artistic activities with her sister. “I have practiced swimming for eight or nine years. I joined the national team, but had to drop out in high school. But then I wanted to go back. I wanted it, but I realized that I could not swim like before. Swimming is a bit of an ungrateful sport. Actually, it cannot be said that I did a lot of sports during high school. Occasionally I worked with a personal trainer. I did crossfit for a short time recently. I love walking on the beach. Now I’m going to gymnastics stretch, which is my childhood dream. ”

How does he keep her shape? She’s trying to pay attention to his nutrition. She tries to eat as little as I can. “For example, sometimes I start the day with extremely healthy meals, continue the same way at noon, but when I come home, if my mother has made dessert, I find myself eating that dessert. If I see chocolate, ravioli, pastry, I can’t stand it and eat it. ”

Most disliked trait? Workaholics.


2013/2014-Love Me Like This / Ayça

2015 -Happiness / Sera Yüksel

2016-Gülümse Yeter / Yasemin

2018 -Dudullu Mail / Betül

2018-2019 Jet Society / Melike Şahin

2019 – My Sweet Lie / Suna Doğan Yılmaz

2020 -Jet Society / Melike Şahin


2020- Afife / Refika

2017-My Companion / Bahar

2016 – Instead of Us / Ceylan


2018- 45th Golden Butterfly Awards / Pantene Star Shining

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