Who is Melike İpek Yalova? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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30 September 2022 08:30


Who is Melike İpek Yalova? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Melike İpek Yalova was born on May 4, 1984 in Ankara. Turkish TV series actress.

Name: Melike İpek Yalova
Date of Birth: May 4, 1984
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.57 m.
Weight: 50 kg
Horoscope: Taurus
Eye Color: Black
Hair color is black
Father: Yuksel Yalova
Mother: Ayşen Yalova
Spouse: Altuğ Gültan
Siblings: One child
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mipekyalova/
Pets: She has a cat.

Family: Mother is retired pharmacist, father is former Minister of State Yüksel Yalova. She had a nice childhood. In 2019, she combined her life with producer Altuğ Gültan. She thinks that her family, her loved ones and being healthy is the most grateful thing in life. “I was able to spend very limited time with my father from elementary school 2 to university, but the fact that I see him less does not mean that I feel his deficiency. I always knew its presence right beside me. We are a very fond family. ”

Her childhood years: Her parents were very surprised at his decision to become an actress but respected her. “I was never a brilliant student. I used to study hard at the lessons of my favorite teachers. I wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. I would always stay with the economy. But that was always the subject at home, and when it came to college, it didn’t seem like I had too many preferences. Theater was a branch I’ve always been in at school. In other words, they knew that I had an interest in acting and that I enjoyed it, so they only conveyed their wishes for success after making the decision. My family knows that after saying “I will do something”, it will continue. I also told them that I would not say “Yes” to everything that comes before me in order to be playing for the first time after the Magnificent Century. Because I started from a very nice place and I wanted to continue with a production of the same beauty. Karadayı was my second chance with its scriptwriters, actors and of course the production company. My family also supported it. ”

Educational life: Graduate of Bilkent University, Department of International Relations. After graduation, she went to Italy in Rome and studied International Policies and Crisis Management at the University of Rome La Sapienza.

The turning point of her life: When she was running a wedding, invitation and organization company with a close friend in Istanbul, her transition to the sets was a complete coincidence. It was discovered by producer Nermin Eroğlu, who had dinner with Mehmet Günsur and Meral Okay at the fisherman they went to for lunch. “Nermin came to the table and left her business card. I went to meet, he is going. Now my main job is acting. Acting was already in my heart. But as I said, I could never express this and attempt to act in the drama. “If it wasn’t for that surprise accident, the acting would have stayed in my heart for the rest of my life.”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Princess Issabella” in the “Magnificent Century” series.

With which project did it shine? She drew attention with the character “Ayten”, which she played in the “Karadayı” series.

Personal development: She took acting lessons from Yıldırım Urag. There is no chance of getting a full-time education due to the pace of study. However, there are several training programs in America that she would like to attend. She wants to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Mindset: A realistic and clear person in all kinds of relationships. “You shouldn’t be branching into everything. The pain and troubles should not be magnified. I have to think about how to get out of them. One should not hide behind the pain. We don’t have the luxury of making drama. Sometimes they call me very repulsive, snobbish, but it is also because I am very excited and nervous. I try not to show my excitement when I enter a new environment, whether men or women. If the other person is patient, he will see when I relax. ”

A source of happiness: She is happy about the attention she gets from her fans. “My fans are very precious to me. They constantly compliment me. I try never to break them. I never say to those who want to take a photo, I’m bored, uff I love chatting with my fans.”

First movie: Çağatay Tosun / Can Feda

Admires: Atatürk.

Her look at love: “It’s not good to be in love, it means nothing to me.”

Her view of business life: After she became famous, not much has changed in her life. “There is no difference other than the reactions of the people I meet on the street. It’s enjoyable for me too. Other than that, everything is the same, my environment, my friends, the things I do daily. It should stay the same. Thank God I have a peaceful life to the extent that I fulfill my responsibilities. I don’t believe that stage and being famous attract everyone, at least that’s how it is for me. But success is attractive to everyone, and what suits people best is success. People follow it, if he predicts where they can achieve this. This work does not revolve around beauty. There are so many beautiful women that what makes you stand out in front of them is the importance you give to work. ”

Career plan: She wants to play in different roles and to take part in more movies. “I would love to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor, or her killer or psychopath, in The Cat on the Angry Roof. Since there is everything in life and acting reflects life, it would be nice to try different characters. I want to act in more movies. But I would like to improve myself further in acting to be good. ”

Concerns: She believes that our view of women as citizens should change now. “Violence against women, crimes against humanity has reached its size in Turkey. Violence is shown not only to women, but also to animals and children. This shocks me and I wonder if this country is our country. Are we so unscrupulous! I am ashamed of being human after what happened. I beg everyone, please react to all these ugliness, don’t stay silent. ”

Role model: Father. “I was a very fond of my father. My peers were watching cartoons, I was watching discussion shows; I had to watch. ”

What does she do at home? She loves watching DVDs at home, she has a huge collection. “I never look at the movies I watch just because they have deep art in them.”

Which movie was she affected by? “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Rocky” movies have a special place in her life. “I always cry while watching the boxing game in Rocky.”


2019 – Bitter Lands / Müjgan Hekimoğlu
2018 – Crime of Humanity / Cevher Akışık
2017 – Circle / Leyla
2016 – Flames of Desire / Suzi
2012/2015 – Karadayı / Ayten Alev
2011 – Magnificent Century / Princess Isabella Fortuna


2018 – Can Feda

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