Who is Başak Gümülcinelioğlu? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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29 November 2022 09:51


Who is Başak Gümülcinelioğlu? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu was born on October 22, 1991 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and musician.

Name: Başak Gümülcinelioğlu
Date of Birth: October 22, 1991
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Height: 1.65 m.
Weight: 49 kilos
Sign: Libra
Eye color: Hazel
Siblings: Has an older sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/basakgumulcinelioglu/
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: She was born and raised in Istanbul. Her parents are senior executives, she has an older sister. “My parents never told me you have to work. I saw it as a lifestyle. I did ballet for many years, I did ice skating. They always paved my way. They just didn’t want me to be greedy. They said, ‘If you start something, at least do it until you say you can do it’. Then I started playing the guitar and learning musical notes. I was already singing. Even while cooking, I move by singing and dancing to that note. Over time, I developed with multiple awareness, familial support, and awareness support of what I read. My mother studied Economics and my father studied Business Administration. Both were top executives of good companies, but they are hard-working people. I am the first actress in the family, our family has nothing to do with the industry. My grandmother is a midwife, my grandfather is a police officer, my grandmother is a good tailor. They are all very hardworking people. My father started working at the age of 14 and my mother at the age of 16 and they also studied. I grew up in a very conscious family. I was never told that you have to work. I saw it as a lifestyle. If I had been born in another family, I would not have been as successful. We are two brothers, my sister is very hardworking. She was successful in every exam she took. Now she is a successful Architect.”

Childhood years: She was an active child. “My mom says you started talking when you were 10 months old and you never shut up again, and you never stopped after you started walking. I was always a very active child. I have never been described as very naughty or spoiled, and I try not to be. But they always say that I am very active and energetic, and still am.”

Education life: Graduated from Istanbul Bahçelievler Anatolian High School. After her high school education, she completed England London Academy of Music, Dramatic Arts and USA Kansas Musical acting education departments. She then continued at Bahçeşehir University, Department of Architecture. After graduating from here, she completed her master’s degree at Istanbul Technical University. “After graduating from Bahçelievler Anatolian High School, I studied at Goodland High School. I got my second high school diploma. I started my musical theater education. I returned to Turkey, studied architecture at Bahçeşehir University. I started my master’s degree with architectural design thesis at ITU. I studied at the Actors Studio in Müjdat Gezen, then went to London and completed my on-camera acting and drama training at Lamda. When I returned, I started working here. So I read a long time. I still have more to read. I am very interested in psychology, as well as child development. I would like to do a master’s degree in my field. I just want to make the right decision at the right time and read it properly.”

Turning point in her life: She believes in luck a lot, but she also thinks that luck alone does not work. She sees the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” as the turning point of her career. “I believe in luck, but I just think it’s always necessary to be ready. Maybe I was too; I was already writing songs, composing, singing and playing. It was luck to be in a place, to be preferred and to be wanted at the same time, but to have it in me was actually to make use of that chance by working. That’s why I’m very happy because ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’ brought me a lot of luck, it was my chance and it is very precious to me. Pırıl too…”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2018, at the ‘8. She started with the character of “Şehnaz” in the TV series “Gün”.

Which project did it shine with? She attracted attention with the character of “Deniz” in the TV series “Erkenci Kuş”.

Personality traits: Soft, sensitive, thoughtful, positive, rational, emotional. “I am not a character who believes in or resorts to harshness. Neither my style, nor my attitude, nor my style, nor the way I handle anything is harsh. You can even make me do almost anything with a soft tongue, but even stubbornness gets on with hardness. My best friends would probably say emotional about me first. Then they might say romantic; They also say that I am energetic, excited, passionate, disciplined, positive and hardworking.”

Social: Doesn’t like to be idle much, loves to travel. “I’m not a person who can stay very empty or keep her brain very empty, but lately I’ve started to give myself some moments so that I don’t have a drive. My job is not so much like work, because I enjoy it so much, working makes me feel more energetic. But coming to my house and just stopping for a few hours with my dog ​​Ajan, resting my brain and resting my soul are among my favorites. I am not a person who loves and needs a lot of space though. I can say that I am a travel lover. I’ve been to many countries, and I’ve been to most of them alone. I love getting lost in cities, learning about the city, getting to know new people and new cultures. This is what I think the coronavirus has taken from us the most. We cannot touch, we cannot go, we cannot learn, we cannot differentiate. We seem to be standing still, unable to transform; at least as before. But it’s a process and it will pass. There are many countries I have not been to yet, when this period is over, I want to travel the whole world.”

Source of happiness: She is happy to have a good rapport with her teammates in the TV series ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’. “My partner Anıl İlter, Sarp Bozkurt, İlkyaz Arslan and I spent a lot of time as the office quartet and became intimate. So we became a very smiling team. We became a quartet that made each other laugh a lot. Then, one by one, our circle of intimacy expanded. It is best to say that we all laugh a lot together. Actually, there are many things I can’t forget, but the funniest thing about me is a memory we had while shooting a scene recently. There are glass doors in the office, they were open at the rehearsal. These doors are cleaned well, too, I can’t see far too clearly. Turns out it was closed while shooting the scene, and at the end of the scene, I ran and stuck to the glass like a fly. From time to time we think of it, we laugh. In fact, thanks to Anıl, she recorded it on her phone, we watch it on occasion and laugh again.”

Her view on love: “Love can be the most important thing in the world to me. I say this without exaggeration. In fact, most of my friends say to me, ‘You are the last romantic of this era’. I can write poetry, I can write songs, I can write letters; I would even like them to be written to me. Love is also a feeling that satisfies me emotionally, and when I experience emotional satisfaction, as I mentioned before, I rise higher in every field, I become more energetic. I remember my first love very well. I was four years old. Görkem was the son of my mother’s best friend. In fact, I was so in love that I bit her ear for not reciprocating my love. Years later, we met in New York during our first adulthood and adolescence, when she heard this story, she regretted it; I was relieved, at least a little.

Her outlook on life: “In the past, she had features that she did not like about herself, but now she has learned to love herself with these features. “For example, I used to think that I wish I was taller, or because I did a lot of sports in the past, my legs are very muscular, so when I do any sports, instead of getting thinner, they become more muscular and thicker. I wished it was thinner. But later on I came to the conclusion that it was absurd to feel sorry for the things we were not given. I love every part of me that I cannot change and that is a part of me. But it wasn’t due to any physical change, it was all because of the mental change I went through, the maturation phase, and learning to be thankful.”

Perspective on business life: She thinks that she learned a lot about her profession as she did business in the sector. “I learned so much from so many people that I couldn’t learn that way no matter what school I went to or whom I gave money to. Theater is a very real place with very different algorithms and different dynamics. I love being on stage. I have learned so much from the two theaters I have worked with and from each of my masters, that I am very lucky in this regard. I had a promise to myself; I will come to Turkey after my education is over and I will do theater every year whether I earn money or not. I did not have a single game during the pandemic process. It is a problem that the whole world is experiencing.”

Career plan: She wants to act in a musical in the future. “In my career, neither music nor acting is something that can be preferred to music for me. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been acting since I started to get the right ideas about myself. That’s why I want to do musical acting in the future. I am a very excited and passionate person. But I learned the real discipline abroad. For example, we had lessons or set times such as 13:42, 15:26. I learned discipline with the influence of both the education I received abroad and the social environment I lived in. I have a very hardworking family. My mother, my father, my sister are all like that and we would never have heard the phrase let’s work. It was something like genetic inheritance for me, but I learned to create my own working system abroad, it was very beneficial for me. I learned patience, that loneliness is a representation of power for me, not unhappiness, and the concept of being selfish, not selfish. Although I still haven’t succeeded very well, at least I have grasped the concept. I could have made a career abroad, but I have an emotional background that seeks out its country, home, culture and family a lot. I am actually the person who goes to the grocery store and drinks a cup of tea when bored. That’s why I miss my home, my culture, my family so much. I can be more successful where I am happy, understood and understood. Actually, I was very happy abroad. But the house is different. I think it’s better to act in your own culture. This does not mean that I do not intend or want to act abroad. I dream, I want and of course I think. I hope so, but this is my home. The nest is everything. I am an emotional person, and when I am emotionally satisfied, I rise in every way.”

Dreaming of the Future: The musical ‘Mamma Mia’ that she most wants to see herself in the future. “I even wish I had acted Meryl Streep’s daughter instead of Amanda. Imagination always exists and we are unlimited. That’s why I never stop dreaming, hoping and working. I’m translating, I’m working, I think one day I will act in a very good musical again. I always continue my dance and singing lessons, I make music, write songs, compose and sing. If I am free, I read, watch, translate, work by myself. Condition is very important in a musical. I’m trying to get fit. It’s something I’m sensitive to. On the other hand, I think that I might want to act in a harder musical recently. It could also be “West Side Story”. And that’s a new part of myself that I’m starting to get to know.”

How does it keep its shape? She does sports and pays attention to her nutrition. “It is not easy to find opportunities from shooting. In my spare days, I actually go to dance and take dance lessons. I try to walk everywhere as much as possible. I’ve never been a gym person, but I add yoga and pilates to my life from time to time and it’s very good for me. I am a former athlete, so there is a sub-production. Being active and active makes me feel very good. I watch what I eat. I’m not much of a fast food person; I don’t like bread, I hardly eat salt, I don’t prefer oil too much, even these bother me a lot. My meals are small, but I eat them very often. Actually, I’m a complete immigrant girl, I generally like vegetables and fruits, I like olive oil the most, I don’t like meat much, but I don’t neglect it when I have to eat it. Therefore, since I do not have a very bad eating pattern, I do not do very strict regimens. I tend to gain weight a lot in the winter, so I try to be a little more careful in the winter.”

Daily care routine: She attaches great importance to skin cleaning and hair care. “First of all, I remove my makeup and apply my moisturizer as soon as I get off the set, sometimes even while I’m still on the set. I usually take a shower every day and do skin care over it. Actually, I think it’s not very healthy to take a shower every day, but that’s how I feel comfortable. I try not to sleep with makeup on. In fact, I got so used to it that when I go to sleep without cleaning my face, I can’t sleep anymore. When shopping for cosmetic products, I pay attention to the fact that it is not tested on animals and its ingredients. I usually prefer organic products. My skin is very sensitive, so I am very careful with allergens. For this reason, I stick to products that are good for me. I’ve found my own skincare routines by trying natural products over the years. I cut my hair half an inch every month. Indistinguishable. Sometimes I even cut it myself. Cold water with vinegar sounds very good. I have been using raspberry vinegar hair care water for the last year because I am uncomfortable with its smell. Occasionally I make a mixture of egg yolks, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, Evigen and Bepanthen ampoules. I wait an hour. Then I wash it, if I’m not busy, I let it dry on its own. If I have to leave the house, I dry my hair with the cold setting of the dryer.”

What does she do at home? She likes to spend time with her dog when she is at home. “When I’m home, I have a dog named Agent. I’m spending time with her. I usually make music. My job is not like a job, I work even when I’m not working because it’s always a job I love. I love watching something good, reading something good, reading a good script. I read a lot about psychology, about energy. That’s what I usually do when I want to stop.”


2020/2021- Sen Çal Kapımı/ Pırıl Baytekin

2020- Yarım Kalan Aşklar/ Çağla

2019- Erkenci Kuş/ Deniz Keskin

2018- 8. Gün/ Şehnaz


2019- Yaban Arısı / Translator

2018- Hababam Sınıfı / Actress

2017- Barut Fıçısı / Actress

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