Can Yaman has proven how seriously he takes his new series with his posts!
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4 December 2022 05:34


Can Yaman has proven how seriously he takes his new series with his posts!

Can Yaman shared on Instagram, everyone was surprised by what they did! The holiday season is over for the famous actor Can Yaman. Now the actor has to strengthen his muscles and do a series of exercises for his new drama.

The series called Sandokan will be filmed in November. Can Yaman both took private lessons from the fighting team and strengthened his muscles by doing sports before shooting.

Can Yaman took a break from these works for a while. During this period, the actor, who spent holidays in both Italy and Turkey with his lover Diletta Leotta, returned to his work.

Can Yaman started to make a series of movements in order to maintain his condition and not to have difficulties in the shooting of his new drama.

Fans had a hard time understanding what the actor, who posted videos from the Instagram story section, was doing.

The actor who showed off her strong muscles with the video that progressed by pulling his body with the strength of his wrist, also showed that he has an athletic structure.

In addition, the actor, who improves his condition by running on grass ground, does his best to gain aesthetics by standing upside down.

Can Yaman does his best to strengthen his muscles with his bicycle ride in water.

With this effort, the famous actor is trying to be ready for the series Sandokan, which has a very important place in his career.

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