Who is Beren Saat? Height - Age - Series - Family
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29 March 2023 10:55


Who is Beren Saat? Height – Age – Series – Family

Beren Saat was born on February 26, 1984 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, film actress and voice actress.

Name: Beren Saat
Date of Birth: February 26, 1984
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.67 m.
Weight: 53 kg
Horoscope: Pisces
Eye color Hazel
Mother: Ayla Saat
Father: Hüseyin Avni Saat
Spouse: Kenan Doğulu
Child: None
Siblings: Cem Saat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/berenn_saat/
Pets: She has dogs.

Family: Originally from Gümüşhane by her father. Her parents are graduates of the Sports Academy. She has an older brother. She got engaged to the musician Kenan Doğulu, with whom she has been with him since 2012, on February 23, 2014 in Istanbul. The couple, who got married in Los Angeles on July 29, 2014, have no children.

Childhood years: She was a successful student in her education life. While studying at TED Ankara College, she took part in many musicals. In one of her interviews, she said that when she was a child, she sang with a bottle of deodorant, played roles in front of the mirror, thought and read a lot.

Education life: She completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. After graduating from TED Ankara College, she started to study Business Administration at Başkent University.

Turning point of her life: She attended in the period of study at Capital University ‘Stars Competition has attracted the attention of Turkey’s second Tomris Giritlioglu. So she started professional acting.

The first step to acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Nermin” in the TV series “There is Death in Our Love” (Aşkımızda Ölüm Var).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Bihter Ziyagil” in the TV series “Forbidden Love.

Mindset: She thinks that the censorship practice on the screens is not implemented correctly. “I think the goblet has become more noticeable. The intimacy scene is censored, not the fist scene. One is anger, one is love. If we are going to cover something, we must cover up anger. For example, some measures were tried to be taken. To reduce consumption, glasses were iced or drink prices were raised. But people started producing raki at home. People who drink did not give up. In my childhood, after midnight, erotic broadcasting started, now the writers think, “Should we write the kissing scene or not?” But people keep making love. The age of sexual intercourse has dropped around the world. This means that nothing is solved with pressure, things must be viewed from other sides. ”

First motion picture: Tomris Giritloğlu / Güz Sancısı

The person she admires: She admires the acting of her partner Selçuk Yöntem in Forbidden Love. She decided to become an actress after watching a play by Selçuk Yöntem. “I was around 9/10 years old, I watched the play” Feuerbacj “by Selçuk Yöntem. In the final, I remember the flashing lights of the iron construction stairs and how Selçuk climbed there. The ‘I want to be here too’ feeling was overwhelming. ”

Definition of love: “Actually the definition of love needs to change in this century. We are a generation stuck between analog and digital. Likewise, we are stuck between the love form experienced by the new generation and the romance that Disney films taught us in our childhood. So love changes shape somehow. I have never regretted getting married, we had a beautiful love. I realize its meaning and importance more in the process we are living now. Our relationship has evolved into another form. Now we have other discussions, other mental partnerships.

Does she want to have a child? She wants to live motherhood. “If we look at the subject by moving away from world conditions; There are questions such as what will his education be, where he should live, whether it should be from my gene. Lots of children on the street without a mother or father; Our Syrian children need help. That’s why I’m trying to go up a little higher and look at the situation from there. ”

Her view of life: She went through a period when she was isolated, turned into, retreated and discovered herself and questioned “How will life be from now on?” “While there was terror on the streets, we all had a period when we withdrew from the life outside. People mostly started gathering and having fun at homes; He has become more readers, watches, produces ideas and projects. I liked this isolation imposed by fame. Seeing how much I could learn by myself, I chose to stay with myself. I have started to go through some creative processes that I will share more in the future. ”

Her view of business life: Being famous was never her priority when starting the career. “My dream was to be on the big screen. As a child, I was always playing the children’s novels I read as a drama workshop by myself. In fact, people find their direction in life through reflexes that come from creation. I never regretted choosing this profession, even when I came to the point that “it was so far, I can no longer do it”. I always thought that today is the darkest day of this job, I am glad I am doing this job and living it. I think the important thing is to watch stories about the life model you don’t live in, to break prejudices, the hatred arising from prejudices, and to love what is not like you. We cannot get rich without cinema, literature and documentary. It is a blessing to tell stories that are dissimilar. It gives you the opportunity to empathize with someone your life can’t coincide with, and your mind goes where you can’t go. ”


Concerns: Almost every day a woman is worried that we are waking up to the news of violence and harassment. “These are where censorship and sexuality meets a culture of hate. The strong deserve to be able to do anything to the weak. And I think that the people who committed these murders are blessed with a heroism in their circles. For this reason, I think we started to encourage someone a little more each time they spoke. Because a man who could not otherwise be in today’s conversation is spoken of just because he hurt someone. This is now far beyond our personal efforts. In the short term, the solution can only be the state authority. In short, they should be at an equal distance to all their citizens. no women in Turkey, can not start anything ahead 1-0. It’s always harder to be a woman. In all sectors, my female friends always have to work and fight harder than men. I don’t think any of my colleagues experienced great gender equality on set. As long as men can’t get through puberty, there is nothing women can do. These are also happening in many parts of the world. The real problem is what to do with the male issue. ”

Hobby: She practices yoga, meditates. She thinks her life has changed with meditation. In addition, she is interested in music as an amateur. “I awoke that meditation is the way to be at peace with the universe, in harmony with the flow. Our eighth year with Kenan (Doğulu). Inevitably, a musical attitude started to form in my life and songs started to come to me. While working in that studio, I was familiar with the music program he used from the nights I woke up behind him. When the first novice made the demo and listened to the melody spinning in my head, we started working on it. The first song took shape quite a bit. I know the value of being in a musical habitat, tickle small little instruments, apprentice Kenan and dream differently than before for the rest of my life. ”

Who does she admire? Turkey’s first woman pilot Sabiha Gokcen find admirable life story.

How is it with Social Media? She does not use social media very often. She has had some bad experiences in the past due to her hate speech. “Of course, there may be legal solutions, some sanctions and inspections to combat cyberbullying cases, but I think the solution is to remove hate speech and marginalization from our lives and reduce people’s anger and ambition against each other. It is necessary to teach people a calmness, calmness, positive criticism that will not do cyberbullying. This is necessary for every exemplary figure. I am not saying this only on the basis of the leaders, but first, let’s talk about them, let’s not punish the parliament first. I was very hurt when I was declared a traitor and a terrorist because of a tweet I posted. 5-6 years ago, I was declared a traitor and a terrorist. That was a period of time when I was very hurt and difficult. It is necessary to educate this hatred, to gradually cure mass-level anger. ”


2004- There Is Death In Our Love / Nermin

2005- Love IN Exile / Zilan Şahvar Azizoğlu

2006 / 2008- Past Times / Yasemin Ünsal

2007- European Side (Avrupa Yakası) / Herself

2008 / 2010- Forbidden Love / Bihter Yöreoğlu Ziyagil

2010 / 2012- Fatmagül / Fatmagül Ketenci Ilgaz

2013/2014-Revenge (İntikam) / Yağmur Özden-Derin Çelik

2015 / 2016- Magnificent Century: Kösem / Kösem Sultan

2019/2020 – The Gift / Atiye Özgürsoy


2009- Güz Sancısı / Elena

2009- Gecenin Kanatları / Gece

2012- Gergedan Mevsimi / Buse

2013- Benim Dünyam /Ela Bayındır


2010- Toy Story 3 / Barbie

2012- Brave / Merida

2015-Minions / Scarlet Overkill

2020- Night on Earth / Herself


2008 – Golden Tulip Fine Arts Awards / Best Actress / Past Times
2009 – Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actress / Forbidden Love
2009 – Kabataşlılar Derneği / Best Movie Actress / Güz Sancısı
2009 – Yıldız Technical University / Most Admired Actress /Forbidden Love
2009 – Beykent University / Best Actress of the Year /Forbidden Love
2010 – Cinema Burda Festival / Young Actress / Gecenin Kanatları
2010 – Elle Style Awards / Stylish Actress
2010 – Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actress / Forbidden Love
2010 – Footed Newspaper / Best Drama Actress / Forbidden Love
2010 – Talking Turkey Magazine / Best Series Player of the Year / Forbidden Love
2010 – Kadir Has University / Best Actress of the Year / Forbidden Love
2010 – Galatasaray University / Best Female TV Series-Movie Player of the Year / Forbidden Love
2010 – Marmara University / Female TV Series Actor / Forbidden Love
2011 – Yıldız Technical University / Most Admired Female TV Series Actor / Fatmagül
2011 – Doğuş University / Best Actress / Fatmagül?
2011 – Advertisers Association / Best Female TV Series Actor / Fatmagül
2011 – 2. Quality Magazine Awards / Best Actress / Fatmagül
2011 – Esenler Municipality / Best Female TV Series Actor of the Year / Fatmagül
2011 – Dumlupınar University / Best Actress / Fatmagül
2012 – Kadir Has University / Most Admired Female TV Series Actor / Fatmagül
2012 – Haydarpaşa High School / Top Actress / Fatmagül
2012 – 11. ROTABEST Awards / Best Female TV Series Actor / Fatmagül
2012 – 25th International Consumer Summit / Best Actress / Fatmagül
2012 – Şişli Vocational School / Best Actress / Fatmagül
2013 – TUROB Appreciation Award / Forbidden Love
2013 – Bilkent University / Best Actress / Fatmagül

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