Who is Burak Sevinç? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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29 March 2023 09:42


Who is Burak Sevinç? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Burak Sevinç was born on April 1, 1985 in Istanbul. It is originally from Zonguldak. He is a Turkish musician, serial and film actor.

Name: Burak Sevinç
Date of Birth: 01 April 1985
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.88 m.
Weight: 80 kilos
Zodiac: Coach
Eye Color: Brown
Mother: Özcan Sevinç
Spouse: Cute Guide
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buraksevinc_/
Pets: Cat Yogi

Family: In 2015, Zonguldak merged his life with actor Sirin Guide like himself at Kapuz Beach. “My biggest supporter is my wife. There are also nice comments on criticism. But I want criticism that I can improve myself. The criticisms of my parents, brothers and friends are also important. Thank you, my wife, and as a player, I am the greatest supporter of learning. ”

Childhood years: He started playing the law when he was a child and then added oud, violin and guitar to his list. “I’ve been involved in music since I was a kid. My uncle was lawful for my cousin in arson. Since I was working in the shift, I saw him on the wardrobe one day when I stayed with my aunt. I wondered, they gave it to my lap. Then I started, and in a year I became songs. I was just 11 years old. Then my father took me to the Turkish art music association. But I was shocked at my first lesson; It turns out that I had reversed the law for a year. I dedicate my first three months to forget what I know. ”

Education life: Graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Music and Performing Arts.

First step to acting: He experienced his first acting experience in 2012 for the series ‘For My Father’, in which he starred.

Which project did it shine with? It attracted attention with the role of ‘Sergeant Fethi Kulaksız’ in the ‘The Oath’ series published in 2017.

Personality traits: In order to be a good person with all his efforts, he loves his job, he is determined, hardworking, he chooses to stay away from the magazine in his private life as he is without exaggeration.

Social: Law plays oud, violin and guitar. He worked as a professional musician in the Enbe Orchestra for a while.

Mindset: He believes that the key to success is being a good person. “The most important thing is to be a good person. Then succeed. Everyone wants to rise in business, or why should they do it? I tried to make the best music. Now I’m an actor, I’m still learning. Music and acting are also the sea. I want to be more successful. The third is to earn the money needed to live. “I trust people, I am a humble person, and I see the people I connect with as good.”

Music? Acting? “If it was before, I could say music, but not anymore. Music is my love, but acting is now everything. Both are my profession. I just stopped making money from someone right now. That’s why I think it will not disrupt the balance balance. ”

The first feature film: Erol Özlevi / If It Is Yours

The person he admires: Everything; Ferzan Özpetek with his language and perspective. “A director I really like. Of course he has no way to shoot my life, but if he did, we could start with the moment I was saved when he was about to drown when he was 7-8 years old. ”

Definition of love: “Love is madness. You push the limits of everything. Love evokes pain, impossibility and difficulty. People may disagree but love ends when it meets. But this is not to perish but to evolve to another place. When it comes together, I say that everything is all over, so it ends. ”

His outlook on life: He can’t love someone else who doesn’t love himself. “Loving yourself is the simplest thing man can do, being a good person is very important. He cannot be a good person who does not love himself. He needs to value himself first. This selfishness is not ego. I also believe in being thankful. Good things don’t come unless you think positively. ”

Business life attitude: “Our childhood that shapes our character. Even a dog bite as a child often remains, while those who experience larger events in the family are more severe. It depends on the degree of overcoming. I try to connect as an actor. I’m just trying to reflect on the screen, thinking what would I do if it happened to me. ”

Dream of the Future :Going on stage with an orchestra with everything from Balkan music to folk melodies, arabesque to art music, pop in his repertoire. “As a Beşiktaş player, giving a melody or rhythm to all stands in the Vodafone Arena and watching the same thing they did. Something very different could have emerged. ”

Who does he admire? He is ill with Yeşilçam. Şener Şen, Kemal Sunal, Adile Naşit, Münir Özkul, Halit Akçatepe. “I grew up with this legendary staff, so to speak. This is true for many of us. I never get bored no matter how many times I watch those movies. Although I have watched it hundreds of times, I am still watching and laughing like the first day. ”

TV Series: La Casa de Papel, Peaky Blinders, Suits.

City / country where he wants to travel the most: The country he wants to travel to is Egypt. Because he wants to dive in the Red Sea.

Favorite city: Istanbul.

Which movie was he affected? The neighborhood. It impressed me a lot. I think he did not find his stork. I liked the shooting, their acting was very natural. Of course, there were minor mistakes that were overlooked because it was the first film, but my dear friends Emre (Erkan), Buğra (Gülsoy) and Serhat (Teoman) did a very good job in the literal sense of the word. ”


2019 – Stain / Cem Yenilmez

2017/2019 – The Oath / Fethi Kulaksız

2016 – Altınsoylar / Oğuz Katran

2015/2016 – Married and Angry / Cihan

2013 – I Loved It Very Much / Hasan

2013- World of Lies (57./58.)

2013/2016 – Valley of the Wolves  / Timur

2013 – Hello Life

2012 – Junction / Yusuf

2011 – For My Father


2020- The Heist Game: Great Vurgun / Ali Toprak

2020- What Happens To You / Gökhan Hancıoğlu

2017- Neighborhood

2016- It is Yours

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