Who is Ece Uslu? Height - Age - Series - Family
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29 March 2023 19:12


Who is Ece Uslu? Height – Age – Series – Family

Ece Uslu was born on September 9, 1974 in Izmir. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

First name: Ece Uslu
Date of Birth: September 9, 1974
Place of Birth: İzmir
Height: 1.72 m.
Weight: 56 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Mother: Nazan Uslu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eceusluofficial/
Pets: Cat Yoda

Family: Her parents separated when she was 13 years old. She stayed with her mother, they grew up together. “I had a nice childhood. Perhaps our separation has given me a certain maturity. I felt fatherless from time to time when I was young, but I am very interested in psychology and self-help books. Over time, I learned that we are all alone, we have nobody but yourself. ”

Childhood years: In 1976, she came in 2nd in the Child Beauty Contest organized by Kelebek Newspaper. She moved to Istanbul with her mother in 1988 when she was 14 years old. Since her high school years, she worked as a photo model and advertising actress for five years under Başak Gürsoy Modeling Agency.

Education life: She continued with Şahika Tekand Studio Players for two years. She attended high school at Turkish College, Eseniş and Evrim colleges. At the same time, she worked as an actress in Ferhan Şensoy Theater for a year.

The first step to acting: She started her television adventure in 1989 with the TV series ‘Trace Pursuit’ (İz Peşinde).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character “Şule Saylan”, which he played in the “Black Angel” (Kara Melek) series.

Personality traits: Sometimes calm and sometimes energetic, changing according to mood and day. She has a harmonious character but hard on herself. She is very critical of herself. There are also parts of it that it has filed. The perfectionist side pushes her sometimes. It has no self-control. It just does not continue when it notices a mistake. “I am harmonious, emotional, loving, disciplined, taking his job seriously, hardworking, responsible, loving home life, an inside out, clear, meticulous, detailed, straightforward, embracing his loved one, enjoying having a pleasant time with his friends, loving nature and animals and I am someone who can never tolerate lies and injustice. People always know if I like it or not, whether I love it or not. Also, since I cannot come to lies and injustice and I am patient, I always throw it in me, but for this reason, I also have a side that suddenly fades. Maybe I need to refine this a little bit. ”

Mindset: It makes its decisions according to the voice of her heart, most of the time it acts as it does. “This gets me to the right place. Thank God it has always been like this. But it also happens that my mind and heart go the same way. I have to do everything fondly. I hit the bottom and go up. Everyone has breaking points, ups and downs. At the end of your troubles, you will be relieved. Thank goodness I can also do self-criticism! It is very difficult to confront and criticize oneself. Unfortunately, most people lie to themselves. Only when you are honest with yourself can you move forward. ”

First motion picture: Kadir İnanır / Ah Gardaşım

The look at love: “Love is a state of energy. We don’t choose anything ourselves, our subconscious chooses. This is a proven fact. Perhaps we are affected by something and we grow it within us, that way we fall in love with ourselves. We have expectations and dreams in the relationship, and when these expectations are not met, the relationship can become diseased. I also had loves, with today’s consciousness, when I ask myself if it was true love, I can say to myself “it wasn’t”. ”

Her view of life: She thinks that the 40s are the ages when she finds herself. She attaches great importance not to lose her inner child. “Our body is getting old, but keeping our soul young and vigorous is in our hands. I have experienced both beautiful and difficult things. I’m mature but I’m also the same person. I am not just repeating my mistakes and putting myself in a vicious circle. Being famous does not prevent my freedom, I walk comfortably on the road and do whatever I want. I like the way people approach me. I’m not going anywhere to show myself. I prefer to be where I am happy. ”
Perspective on business life: He started his career at the age of 15 and progressed with tiny steps. There is also such a thing as shine and disappear, but it did not experience such a thing. There were times when it was very worn out. But he continues to do his job. In this respect, he finds himself lucky. “I don’t have certain limits in acting. I don’t say ‘don’t play the lesbians’ or ‘nudity to a point’. I think this is about work. There is nudity in the script, but it doesn’t serve the job, I won’t accept it. But I cannot say ‘taboo’. That work has such a story that if you don’t do it, then of course I will. There is no role that I would not play in life. Throughout my professional life, I have always preferred to be at the forefront of my job. My private life belongs to me and I do not think that anyone should know and learn about my life to the finest detail. Whether we’re walking on the road or going somewhere, sometimes our photos are taken without permission or a microphone is held. It doesn’t bother me either. After all, I am also a human being and would like to live my own life comfortably.

Career Plan: “I made my career in acting. I can call my future plans as wish or dream. I prefer to share it when it is close to reality. Or suddenly getting married and having children? ”

Dream of the Future: One of her forward-looking dreams is building a farmhouse. “I want to raise everything myself and have a donkey.”

Does she want to be a mother? “There were times when I said let me marry and have a child in my 30s, hormones also affect it. With my consciousness today, I think these are not necessities. There is even some social pressure on this issue. But every person needs to question himself and know what he wants. ”

How does she keep his shape? She tries to eat healthy, exercise and use natural things as much as she can.

Concerns: The world is increasingly becoming a place where people do not understand each other, conflict, pollution of the environment, unfair consumption of natural resources and the rapid exhaustion of the life resources we all need. “Therefore, I hope for a life that is more in peace with nature and freed from the dynamics of the consumer society as much as possible. It may seem difficult for someone in my position, but not impossible. Because what really matters is the world of television, popularity, not shopping centers, but feeling and living like a human. ”

Who does she admire? She admires the theater artist Nedret Güvenç, who is also her mother’s aunt. “I’m proud of my aunt. Because I am both an artist and my aunt. A name that I take as an example and admire his art. ”

What are the hardest parts of her? Her impassion, perfectionism, and orderliness “I can get angry if I’m forced into something I don’t want to do.

Favorite features? Funny, funny. She loves people and is harmonious.

What is she most angry with? The lives of others are not respected. She thinks that everyone and everything should be accepted as they are.

Relationship with nature: She has been living in Urla for a while. “Since my hometown is Aegean, I am from the lucky section and I can say that it was a return home rather than escape. It had been on my mind for a long time, and it was just the time after the busy pace of work and I found myself making my decision. I had already started the preparations for settling in the Aegean at the time of the ‘Karagül’ series. I love the dynamism and pace of Istanbul, the city did not tire me, I can say that the desire to return home was dominant after busy work pace. Natural life, farm charm. ”

What does she do at home? He has a quiet home life. “My garden, my planting flowers gives me a great enthusiasm, and I am very happy with my cat Yoda.”


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