Actors - Actresses Who is Hande Erçel? Height – Age – Series – Family

Who is Hande Erçel? Height – Age – Series – Family

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Hande Erçel was born on 24 November 1993 in Bandırma. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Hande Erçel
Date of Birth: November 24, 1993
Place of Birth: Bandırma
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 50 kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair color is black
Mother: Aylin Erçel
Father: Kaya Erçel
Siblings: Gamze Erçel
Pets: She has a dog and a cat.

Family: Her father was a white goods dealer, and her mother was a housewife. She has a one year older sister. She lost his mother in 2019. “I am very lucky that I grew up in a nice family. We are a loving little family. ”

Her childhood years: She grew up on a site in Gönen, Balıkesir. She spent her childhood playing in the streets. Being on the stage was a childhood dream. “We had a park there. That’s why I have never been a house girl, I was like a street kid. My sister and I grew up like twins. Because it is a small place, we had a neighborhood culture. I have solid friendships from that period. Whenever I think of those days, it always looks pink to me. I took part in theater plays as a child, and this enthusiasm started with theater. When I was in high school, I always took the lead when a play was going to be staged, and Figen Teacher said that I could reach very good places if I move on this road one day. He believed in me and I continued with this motivation, but I was also very talented in pencil drawing and my father wanted me to evaluate my ability. When I won the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, I believed that I could do acting by getting education from outside; I am glad I did. ”

Education life: She graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Traditional Turkish Arts Department. She took acting lessons from Beyti Engin and Filiz Kaya.

The turning point in her life? She came first in the “Miss Civilization of Turkey Competition” held in 2012. In the same year, she took the second place in “Miss Civilization of the World” held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. These competitions changed the course of her life.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2013 with the TV series ‘Love Bird’.

With which project did she shine? He drew attention with the character “Selin” in the “Sunshine Girls” series.

Personality traits: Likes to be visible, excited, energetic. “I am a person who looks at everything very positively. I always try to see the full side of the glass, because if I see the empty side it will reflect on my life. There are situations where I am depressed, of course, but then I find something to motivate myself. ”

Personal development: She always thinks that it is necessary to improve herself, but she believes that acting is by the heart. “Education and the emotions that you pass through your heart must combine. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University means vision for me. Fine Arts is a place unique to people with different points of view. As soon as I entered there, I said to myself “Yes, I belong here.” You learn to look at life from different places, you see aesthetics. ”

Social: She loves traveling. He still tries to go to places that Istanbul has not seen, whenever she finds time. She likes drawing, meeting her friends and going places. The source of motivation with her girlfriends and family, with whom they have solid friendships, is renewed when she sees them.

Mindset: She thinks the most exciting thing about being a celebrity is being in the spotlight. “I like to be in the spotlight, because when you are in sight, you can explain yourself to more people. People can see the goodness and beauty in their hearts. This situation tells people how I really am, how I do my job with love. ”

Source of happiness: She loves to inspire people around her with her posture, strength and purpose in life. “It’s nice that people know me a little bit. Maybe because this sincerity passed to them, I am experiencing them in such a short time. ”

First movie: Yasin Uslu / Çılgın Dersane Üniversitede

Her gaze on love: “Of course there is logic in love, but somewhere it is disabled. No matter how much you oppose when the heart demands it, it is not in your hands. You have to do what your heart wants. I cannot fall in love easily. ”

Her view of life: She is going through a period when she reinvents life. “I feel like I’m at the beginning and end of life. I am in a time when I slow down and think more. I have questions and I am not in a hurry for their answers. I enjoyed experiencing and learning by living. There has been a period in which I have changed completely in recent years. While I couldn’t stop myself before, now I am even surprised at the point my calmness has reached. I used to have a more extroverted world, now I’m a little introverted. I also enjoy it. This was not a goal for me, it just happened that way. However, sometimes I do not think there is a setback before its time. ”

Her view of business life: She says she’s working like crazy to keep her point permanent. “I work really hard. To always put it on you, to always go further I aim to walk a long way with small and firm steps. The only way for this is to work. I haven’t fully discovered yet where my passion for my profession comes from. But I know that as someone else I like to explore different worlds. Sunshine Girls, Selin character is my breaking point in my career, my transition from calm to crowd. I don’t like being in the spotlight, never in the sense of “Everyone look at me, have all the attention”. On the contrary, I am abstaining about this. Being in sight means inspiring for me. My communication with people was always strong, I just said, “Why not communicate with more people?”

Career Plan: There are countless characters she would like to play. She really wants to act in a movie like “Maleficent”. Working with Çağan Irmak in the future is also among their goals. “If I want something, I won’t give up until I get it. Life has given what I have always wanted. On the one hand luck, on the other hand, but I think it’s also about dedication. From now on I will continue like this, everything is for myself. ”

Future Dream: Goals related to acting; She wants to see herself more in the cinema, to understand what I can and cannot do. “For example, it could be a drama movie. And I would love to play the role of Natalie Portman in “Black Swan.”

Role model: There are many actors she likes, but she loves Anne Hathaway’s unchanging naturalness. “Thanks to the state of being he always creates in every character, my liking for her never decreases.”

How is the definition of a beautiful woman? She describes strong and successful women as ‘beautiful’. “It is a woman who stands on her feet and knows how to say” no “. First of all, a woman should have an attitude towards life, this posture adds beauty to her. His perception of the man in front of him adds beauty to him. Success should not be enough for a woman, it should always want better. I think these are all in beauty. Beauty isn’t just about looks for me. This stance and way of thinking are much more prominent. ”

Favorite feature? To be positive, to look at the world well.

Most disliked feature? She may feel unnecessarily sad about some things, she wants to refine this feature.

Does she follow the fashion? She does not prefer to wear something that she sees as a fashion. She prefers to wear what suits her. She likes skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and mini straight dresses in daily life. “I don’t travel a lot with high heels, I rarely wear jewelry, but I love jewelry. Jewelry is always more important than my outfit. I love black and nude shades. I don’t like multicolored things, nor are fluorescent colors. ”

Who does she admire? She loves Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz.

What is she doing to relax? She is stretching. If she finds time, she goes to the massage. “I guess I don’t like massages here after getting a massage in Thailand. I wish I could always get a massage there. Thailand is a very different culture, its people are very happy. Women are very strong, their self-confidence is very high. ”

How is she with social media? “There is a conclusion I draw from many people following me and taking care of me. People like to see what they are curious about. They want to see that it’s accessible, and say, “He was just like me, actually.” Social media has always been a communication tool for me. It still is. This growth is directly proportional to my desire to inspire what I can not see but know exists. ”

Hobby: Drawing. “I saw my sister and started drawing. Gamze would return home from the workshop very happy, which caught my attention. I went to the workshop with him and when I picked up the pen, I saw that there was a place where I could reflect my world. It was very different from the lessons at school, I was free. I have been drawing since that day. I am also thinking of opening an exhibition in the near future. Artists whose lines I like; Salvador Dali, Ergin İnan and Mihri Müşfik Hanım.

Which movie was he affected by? Favorite movies of ‘The Favorite’ and ‘Hotel Mumbai’. She likes to watch real stories lately. But her always favorites are fantastic movies and animations. The first movie she watched as a child was “Ant Z”.


2020- Love Is In The Air / Eda Yıldız

2019 – Azize / Azize Gunay

2019 – The Circle / Müjde Akay

2017/2018 – Black Pearl / Hazal- Naz

2016/2017 – Love Does Not Understand / Hayat

2015-2016 – Sunshine Girls / Selin Yılmaz

2014 – Tree of Life / Selen

2013 – Love Bird / Zahide


2020- Drunk on Love/Kimia- Khatoon

2014 – Çılgın Dersane Üniversitede /Meryem


2012 -Miss Civilization of Turkey / First Place

2012- Miss Civilization of The World / Second Place

2015 -42.Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Pantene Star Shining / Sunshine Girls

2016 -23rd İTÜ EMÖS Achievement Awards / Most Successful Female Series Player

2016- 2.Turkey Youth Award / Best Actress TV Series Player

2016-7th KTÜ Media Awards / Best Breakthrough Actress

2016- Yeditepe University 5th Dilek Awards / Best Female Comedy Player

2016-2.Türki Youth Award / Best Actress TV Series Player

2016- Istanbul Fashion Guide Awards / Best Actress

2016- 44th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Romantic Comedy & Comedy Actress

Turkey The One Awards 2018 -Marketing / Personal Brand Women Award / Black Pearl